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AITech Interview with Ulf Zetterberg, Co-CEO at Sinequa.

  • Kindly brief us about yourself and your role as the Co-CEO at Sinequa.

    I’m a serial entrepreneur, business developer and investor inspired by technology that improves the way we work. I’m passionate about human-augmented technologies like AI and machine learning that elevate human productivity and intelligence, rather than replace humans. In 2010, I co-founded Seal Software, a contract analytics company that was the first to use an AI-powered platform to add intelligence, automation, and visualization capabilities to contract data management. During my tenure, I oversaw the company’s fiscal growth and stability, which led to the acquisition of Seal by DocuSign in May 2020. I later served as President and Chief Revenue Officer of Time is Ltd., a provider of a productivity analytics SaaS platform. I joined Sinequa’s board of directors in March 2021, providing strategic planning and oversight during a time of rapid European expansion. With Sinequa’s fast growth, my role also expanded. So, in January 2023, I joined Alexander Bilger – who has successfully served as Sinequa president and CEO since 2005, in a shared leadership role as Co-CEO with the aim to further accelerate Sinequa’s ambitious global growth. Today there is so much innovation happening around the confluence of AI and enterprise search. I can’t imagine a more exciting space right now, and especially with Sinequa as a leading innovator.

    In your opinion, how important is it to augment AI and ML in a way that they can be utilized to their fullest potential and not be a substitute for human skills?

    We are experiencing a revolution in what can be done with AI, but it’s not going to make humans obsolete. Humans innately seek ways to make their lives easier and therefore tend to trust automation if it simplifies something. But AI isn’t perfect; for all its capabilities, it still makes mistakes. The more complex and nuanced the situation, the more likely AI is to fail, and those are often the situations that are the most critical. So it is important that we don’t rely on AI to automate everything, but use it to augment human ability, and rely on humans to ensure that the right information is being used to drive the right outcomes.

    How important is it to leverage the power of AI in order to boost business performance?

    I’m confident that AI is going to very quickly become a key differentiator in everything we do. Being able to use AI effectively will be a competitive advantage; not using AI will be a weakness. Perhaps you’ve heard the saying, “AI isn’t going to replace your job. But someone using AI will.” That is a new era that we are entering, and the same holds true for businesses. Those who find how to apply AI in new and creative ways to improve their business – even in the most mundane of areas – are going to create competitive advantages. I believe it’s going to be less and less about the technology and capability of the AI itself, but rather in how the AI is applied. ChatGPT is just the beginning.

    Please brief our audience about the emerging trends of the new generation and how you plan to fulfill the dynamic needs of the AI-ML infrastructure.

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