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What Are The Different Uses of a Stethoscope?

  • When visiting a doctor, we all have seen a device that hangs around their neck- a stethoscope. It plays a major role in the healthcare industry and has become a vital sign in the life of doctors. Wondering what exactly it is? 

    Well, it is a medical device that helps doctors to hear the heartbeat of a patient. It not only helps in detecting a patient's health status but also prevents diseases from growing. However, it helps beyond that and here are the different uses of a stethoscope you should know. 

    Various Uses of a Stethoscope

    • Calculates Blood Pressure 

    A major use of a stethoscope is to calculate blood pressure. The BP cuff is attached to the patient's arm and then the heartbeat is listened to through the stethoscope to study systolic and diastolic pressure. For this, there are different sizes of blood pressure cuffs available in the market. 

    • Detects Heart Sounds

    A stethoscope is also used to listen to the sound of the heart. However, it takes a lot of time to identify unusual sounds such as a murmur or unusual sounds or activities. The device also ensures that a patient's heart is beating normally or not. 

    • Detects the Lungs’ Sound

    With the use of a stethoscope, one can also detect the sound of the lungs. Any unusual activity or sound can be detected through it. Besides, the areas of the lungs are checked to detect any abnormalities. 

    • Detects Abdominal Sounds

    Another use of stethoscopes is detecting abdominal sounds. The device is placed around the belly button and circulated into four sections- upper left and upper right, lower left and lower light. You can hear sounds like stomach growls, grumbles or typical normal bowel sounds. 

    • Detects Bruit

    Another major use of a stethoscope is detecting bruit which is an audible sound linked with blood flow. It detects blood disruptions and narrowed arteries in the neck, kidneys, temporal arteries, etc. 

    • Detects Impairments 

    Another use of stethoscopes is to detect any impairments. However, in this digital stethoscopes are used as they can amplify sounds louder. The best option is to opt for a Littmann classic iii stethoscope

    • Measures the Liver Size 

    Another useful use of a stethoscope is that it helps in measuring the size of the liver. It is known as a liver scratch test and is performed by highly trained and experienced healthcare professionals or doctors. 

    • Keeps Track of Body Sounds

    In addition to hearing, a stethoscope is also used to keep track of other body sounds. It helps doctors to keep track of the health status of a patient whether it is stable, recovering or getting worse. No doubt, with the help of stethoscopes, patients are tested and treated more accurately and precisely. 

    Things to Consider When Purchasing a Stethoscope

    Because stethoscopes play a major role in the medical industry, it is important to purchase the best one. To help you buy the best quality stethoscope, here are some things to consider beforehand:

    • Firstly consider why you need the stethoscope. For instance, for cardiologic examination, a cardiology stethoscope is required. Depending on your needs, choose the right features. 
    • Look for various models, reviews and ratings such as the best choice is Littmann Classic iii stethoscope
    • Purchase the one that feels comfortable and enhances the best quality and clear sound. Never ignore the quality of the product and its pieces such as a tube, chest piece, diaphragm, etc. 
    • Look for additional features such as a noise reduction system, tunable diaphragm, extra ear knobs, Bluetooth facility, etc.  
    • Before purchasing, ask for a reasonable warranty so that it covers further damages or defects. 

    Never Compromise the Quality of a Stethoscope

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