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How To Safe Travel With Medications?

  • Even though bringing along can be complicated, you should never leave your medicines behind. However, depending on your destination, customs will surely examine you closely, so it's always a good idea to be aware of where you're heading. 

    Worried that there will be any problems with security? How do you carry medications safely with you? Can't think of how to make everything go smoothly? Well, don't worry, if you're planning an upcoming trip, then here are some best tips on carrying medicines safely with you. 


       1. Temperature 

    The first thing when travelling with medicines is to check the temperature. On plane trips, carry medicine bags to protect them from extremely hot or cold temperatures. If travelling by car, never keep medicines in the trunk. For medicines that need to be refrigerated, use an insulated lunch bag along with a freezer pack. 

       2. Avoid Repackaging

    Not repackaging your meds is the best way to make it through customs smoothly. Make sure your medicines stay in their original labelled first-aid storage box or containers. If you have medicines like liquid drugs or that you inject, then take a copy of the prescription as well as a letter from your doctor. One thing you can do is to split your medicines between bags. This is a great idea for situations where one bag goes missing, you'll still have the other. 

       3. Pack the Right Amount

    It's always a good idea to carry enough meds to enjoy a safe trip. There's no harm in carrying a little extra too such as an additional 2-week supply in case of emergency or damages. To keep track of your medicines and schedule, you can ask your pharmacy to provide multi-dose packages. Besides, you can group them into packets, label each type and keep them in medicine bags. 

       4. Take Caution with Children 

    If travelling with children you must be more careful and take caution. For instance, if you've medicines in your bags and luggage, then keep them away from children. The best thing you can do is to store medicines in child-resistant containers. Even if you're not travelling with children, know there will be kids around everywhere, so store your medicines in a secure place. 

       5. Stay Prepared  

    In addition to knowing how to store medicines safely, it is also important to be aware of the security process. When travelling all medicines go through security screening. So it's always a good idea to let the agent know that you're carrying products that need to be mentioned. For more information, you can also go through websites, check the local embassy and their rules or official TSA videos. 

    Common Laws, You Shouldn't Break when Traveling with Medications 

    Medications and travelling laws can be tricky. So it's always important to be aware to avoid mistakes. Therefore to help you, here are some common laws you shouldn't break when traveling with medicines:

    • Don't travel with too much medication.
    • Don't travel with banned medications. 
    • Don't travel without proper prescription or documentation. 
    • Beware of counterfeit medications. 
    • Find out if your medications are legal in the destination you're heading to. 
    • Stay prepared for additional screening. 
    • Check if your prescription will be accepted in English or if it needs to be translated as per the language of your destination. 

    Always Stay Prepared & Healthy 

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