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Yang Mi love dolls sold to Japan

  • Yang Mi must be an actor everyone knows now! In fact, everyone is talking about Yang Mi's appearance and Yang Mi's acting skills, and they can't stop talking about it. As long as it is a TV series starring Yang Mi, the ratings are very high! In fact, since her debut, Yang Mi has really lived up to the saying, "How much criticism should you bear with how much ability you have?" Everyone said that Yang Mi was not good at acting and had plastic surgery, but she became the queen of ratings because of her hard work. Can not be ignored!

    There are three movies starring Yang Mi. In fact, Yang Mi's determination to transform can be seen from these three movies. Later, "Assassination Novelist" also took over. The route is on. Yang Mi transformed into a handmade doll and became the best-selling love dolls. Yang Mi is still very happy with her husband, and the child is already too big, so it is often heard that she wants to go home to spend time with the child.

    But recently, Yang Mi has become a hot topic because of one incident. This is strange because this is the news that Yang Mi became shemale sex dolls for sale in Japan. This handmade love dolls looks very similar to when Yang Mi first debuted. More real than Yang Mi in the wax museum. This doll is displayed and sold at craft fairs in Japan. The price is 17,000 yen, which is equivalent to RMB 1,090. In fact, the price of handmade products is not that high. Just before, netizens said that the love doll was sold out. It seems that Yang Mi is still very popular! Already in Japan.

    In fact, this show is not only sold by Yang Mi, but also by a world-famous "actress", and it is reported that this male sex doll is the most popular in terms of price. Inflatable dolls are the cheapest, and the second issue is popularity. After all, Yang Mi's popularity has always been very high. What everyone is most concerned about is: Is Yang Mi’s doll really certified? Is that how it’s sold? But don't worry! Although this doll business is not directly run by Yang Mi, it looks exactly like Yang Mi. Fans who like Damimi can take the house away as a souvenir! Yang Mi transformed into a handmade doll and became the best-selling love dolls.