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Full Size Vs. Torso: Which Sex Dolls Does it Better?

  • There's something special about imagining stuff—the more vivid it is, the farther away our mind feels. When it comes to bedroom times, it's especially important to get our noggins relaxed and in-the-zone for a truly peak pleasure experience! Therefore, to let go of our stress and feel that sweet sexual relief, use our sex doll torso to awaken those oodles of joy tucked away in your body and brain.

    Many who lack regular sexual activity suffer from a feeling of incompleteness and despondency. Without their intimacy needs met, their physical and psychological health begin to negatively suffer, causing them to become increasingly reclusive and shy - reducing the chance of satisfying these needs. For those in a LDR, their situation is even more dire. In these cases, sex toys can provide a source of passion without requiring the presence of another person.

    The sex toy scene has been all shook up over the years! Sure, we got non-realistic toys to titillate your imagination (think vibrators and flashlight pussies), but now there's realistic lovin' in the form of life size sex dolls and torso sex dolls! Today, we'll find out the deal with both these top-selling love dolls, compare and contrast, and determine which one is best for people searching for some premium pleasure. Come on, let's go!

    What is a Full Size Sex Doll?


    A full size sex doll is an incredibly lifelike recreation of the human figure crafted with hyper-realistic facial features, bodies and detailing. Typically crafted from high-quality silicone or TPE, these female sex dolls are reinforced with tough joints and frames that allow for maximum mobility and flexibility. With them, the amount and type of positions possible are only limited by imagination, meaning you can accomplish all of your lovemaking desires when you have a sex doll in your life.

    These full-size sex dolls, combining pleasure with companionship, present an amazing combination of softness and durability, making them the perfect simulacrum of a human partner. The market for these dolls is vast, thanks to the growing popularity of these beautiful models - there are now a plethora of skilled manufacturers in the business, each creating an array of diverse dolls to meet the different needs of customers. Moreover, the sheer number of customization options available ensures that you can create the doll of your dreams, a perfect image of your ideal human partner. Simply put, the world of modern love dolls offers something for everyone.

    The highly anatomically-accurate and detailed design of contemporary sex dolls means you can hardly tell them apart from a real person from certain angles or in limited light. Trusted brands such as Only Dolls feature an experienced team of sexperts to continually think up novel and unique ideas to keep customers enthused and content. For example, our collection includes many different categories of love dolls, some of which are highly creative and unusual, like fantasy sex dolls and elf sex dolls. People who dream of a one-time fling with a character from their favorite movie can now make their fantasies come true from the comfort of their own home with such dolls. To increase this pleasure further, all you need to do is purchase some costumes and accessories for your sexual MILF sex doll and you can have endless fun, delight and pleasure.

    The latest development in the industry of full-size sex dolls is the incorporation of artificial intelligence. This AI gives the modern dolls a realistic feel, with tactile TPE skin that mimics that of a human's. Though they have a lifelike appearance, they lack the ability to act as a human companion. AI features such as automatic body movement and full body heating allow for a more intimate physical experience – the very thing those who purchase a sex doll deserve after a long day.

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    What Are the Benefits of a Full Size Sex Doll?


    Life-sized sex dolls provide the ultimate lifelike experience with their accurate proportions, human-like textures, and customizable features. Our dolls are crafted with realistic details like height and weight, and feature anatomically-correct genitalia with customizable temperatures. Whether you’re looking for an authentic sexual experience or a next-best alternative to reality, our life-size sex dolls offer a comprehensive solution.

    What is a Sex Doll Torso?


    A full-size sex doll resembles a human closely, with its facial features, body details, and height/weight. Torso sex dolls, however, differ. As the name implies, a torso doll offers only the torso, allowing you to bypass the first two bases of pleasure. It's well-suited for those with limited space, a tight budget, or who desire a quick fix of pleasure.

    Torso sex dolls rose in popularity thanks to the convenience and cost-efficiency they provided. Like their life-sized counterparts, they are typically constructed from top-notch silicone or TPE for a lifelike, durable, supple feel that mimics real human skin. Usually, these torso love dolls just have an exquisite human-like design, yet certain models incorporate advanced AI capabilities like vibrating motors for enhanced penetration pleasure.

    Torso love dolls come in a range of sizes and shapes, enabling users to fulfill their desires. From curvaceous booty to slender figures with tantalizingly plump vaginas, customers will never be disappointed. These cost-effective and entertaining dolls are ideal for self-pleasuring, and make a great gift for others. Experienced kinksters may particularly appreciate the opportunity to enjoy a large butt while in the throes of passion.

    Torso sex dolls are popular as they are highly portable and stow-able. They are perfect for those looking to save on space or keep their connection with the doll confidential. Avoiding those uncomfortable conversations is a priority for many. Also, these dolls are specifically shaped for the purpose of delivering sexual pleasure, making them an ideal option for those focused on the physical side of the experience.

    Full-Size Vs. Torso – How to Choose?


    Both of these sex dolls are crafted from premium materials to recreate an authentic, lifelike human skin texture and can be used to satisfy various sexual desires. Adding one of these big ass sex dolls to your home is a great way to spice up your sex life and act out your fantasies. If you can only purchase one of these dolls, however, you might be perplexed about which one to choose.

    Industry experts may advise investing in full-size models over torso dolls, as they're needed for more than just the basic body parts for a fulfilling intimate relationship. Torso dolls may be less expensive, but a full-size love doll has the complete package for a meaningful experience - one that goes beyond just sex.

    Selecting a full-size sex doll that embodies the characteristics you find desirable can keep you thoroughly entertained. Realistic features such as a face that mimics your ultimate fantasies, along with a vagina, hips, detailed facial features, hair, and ample breasts and limbs make the experience even more enjoyable. Furthermore, it’s essential to be able to look into the eyes of your partner, kiss them during intimate moments, or enjoy fulfilling your wildest fetishes through feet, armpits, and belly. Stop daydreaming and find the companion of your dreams at Only Dolls today!