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Rotary Table Intelligent Assembly Machine How to select cutting

  • Rotary Table Intelligent Assembly Machine is an automatic machine tool equipped with a program control system. It can logically process the program with control code or other symbolic instructions, decode it, represent it with coded numbers, and input the numerical control device through the information carrier.

    With the continuous improvement of processing technology, CNC machine tools also put forward higher processing requirements for the cutting fluid itself. The selection is not only based on the processing technology of the machine tool: cutting, broaching, milling, grinding, drilling, wire cutting, etc., the liquid height is selected according to the equipment specifications, liquid flow rate and other parameters.

    Rotary Table Intelligent Assembly Machine Commonly used cutting fluid type:

    In order to adapt to different processing occasions and process requirements, the types of metal cutting fluids are also varied, which are mainly divided into two categories according to their chemical composition and state, namely water-based cutting fluids and oil-based cutting fluids.

    1, water-based cutting fluid refers to the cutting fluid that needs to be diluted with water in advance when in use. Anti-rust emulsion, anti-rust lubricant emulsion, extreme pressure emulsion and microemulsion all belong to this category. The role of water-based cutting fluid is usually based on cooling and cleaning, and the effect of lubrication is not obvious.

    2, the oil machine cutting fluid is the cutting fluid that does not need to be diluted with water when used. Pure mineral oil, fat oil, oil additives, mineral oil, inactive EP cutting oil and active EP cutting oil are all of this type. In contrast to the water-based cutting liquid phase, the lubricating effect of oil-based cutting fluid is more obvious, but the cooling and cleaning ability is poor.

    Rotary Table Intelligent Assembly Machine Select cutting fluid need to pay attention to:

    1, in the machine tool and its cutting fluid selection, pay attention to whether it meets the international standard ISO and national standard GB.

    2, the parts of the machine tool control sliding bearings should be selected as far as possible with better wear resistance bearings, so as to ensure the dynamic accuracy of the machine tool.

    3, try to control and reduce the heat source in the workshop, even if there has to be a heat source, it should be as far away from the machine spindle as possible. It is also necessary to strengthen the heat dissipation function, such as the use of metal working fluid for lubrication.

    The selection of cutting fluid must meet the requirements of cutting performance and performance, that is, it should have good lubrication, cooling, rust prevention and cleaning performance, and can meet the process requirements in the machining process, reduce the loss of tools and machine tools, reduce the roughness of the processing surface, reduce power consumption, improve production efficiency, and should consider the stability of the use.

    4, but also pay attention to the Rotary Table Intelligent Assembly Machine spindle bearing speed, clearance adjustment and reasonable pre-tightening.

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