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Most Economical Water Villas in the Maldives (That never hurt's

  • If you're looking to vacation in the Maldives, you'll soon realize that there are many different types of accommodations available. From luxury resorts to budget-friendly hotels, there's something for everyone. However, if you want to save money on your next trip then look no further than 10 Best Water Villas In Maldives. These properties offer everything from private pools and gardens to breathtaking views of the ocean (and beyond).

    1. LUX

    LUX is a 5-star hotel in the Maldives. It's located on the island of Hithadhoo, which is one of the most popular destinations for tourists to visit in the country. The resort has several different types of accommodation available including villas, suites and private pools.

    The resort has both beachfront and poolside options for guests who want to relax after a day exploring nearby attractions like Thulusdhoo Island or Sinhavihari Reef National Park. The spa offers treatments such as massages, facials and waxing services among others (which are included with your stay). There's also an outdoor restaurant where you can enjoy delicious meals prepared by local chefs while taking in views over open water from inside this elegant building made entirely out of coral stone!

    1. BlueMagellan

    If you’re looking for a luxury beach resort that sits just outside the airport, then BlueMagellan is what you want. It’s located on one of the most beautiful beaches in Maldives and features everything from a pool and spa to a restaurant and bar. The rooms at BlueMagellan are spacious with balconies overlooking the water or ocean views from above. There are also two swimming pools on site so if you don't have time to get wet in the sea there's always an option available when staying here!

    The gym at this hotel has been designed by Thomas Cook Travel Group so it really does feel like an authentic vacation experience even if it isn't as extravagant as some other options out there!

    1. Faadhoo Island Resort & Spa

    Faadhoo Island Resort & Spa is located on the island of Faa'Dhu. The resort has a beach and spa, as well as a restaurant and dive center. It also offers boat rides to other islands in the Maldives, including Hithi atolls where there are beautiful coral reefs for snorkeling or scuba diving.

    If you're looking for an economical way to get around this beautiful country without hurting your wallet, consider booking a trip with Faadhoo Island Resort & Spa where they offer all-inclusive packages that include accommodations, meals and activities like fishing trips or kite surfing lessons!

    1. Big Buddha Resort & Spa

    Big Buddha Resort & Spa is a 10 Best Family Beach Pool Villas In Maldives. It has a great location, offers a variety of activities and is ideal for families with young children. The resort's two main areas are the beachfront Kid’s Club and the adults-only Coco Spa. Kids will love the Kid’s Club, which features mini golf, tennis court and karaoke lounge among other things!

    With so many activities on offer at Big Buddha Resort & Spa you'll never have to worry about running low on things to do when you're there - whether it be relaxing by the pool or exploring some of their beautiful beaches nearby (you can even take advantage of their water villa rentals).

    1. Naladhu Island Resort & Spa

    Naladhu Island Resort & Spa is a luxury resort with one of a 10 Best Beaches In Maldives. It's located on the island of Naladhu, which means "beach" in Maldivian, and it has all the amenities you would expect from such a place: an impeccable spa, great food and drink options (including an on-site bar), as well as excellent service.

    Naladhu Island Resort & Spa is one of the most economical resorts in Male' — if you're looking for a relaxing vacation in the Maldives but don't want to spend too much money on accommodation or meals during your stay there then this could be just what you're looking for!

    1. Zannettas Island Resort & Spa

    The resort has a laidback vibe and is located in the southern part of Haa Alifu Atoll, right next to the beautiful lagoon. With just 16 rooms, it's one of the smaller resorts on this list but we think that's what makes it so special. The resort’s location means you can enjoy some exploring on your own or join one of their organized daytrips to nearby islands such as Vaadhoo (1 hour away) or Noonu Atoll (2 hours away). If you want more than just relaxing by the pool then there are plenty of activities available at Zannettas including scuba diving, snorkeling and fishing trips! If you're looking for something tasty then head into town where there are numerous restaurants serving traditional Maldivian cuisine as well as international cuisines such as Japanese fusion dishes made famous by Chef Alex Raij who opened up his first restaurant here last year after earning acclaim from across Europe during his time working there previously."

    1. Manta Ray Resorts Maldives by Starwood Hotels & Resorts

    Manta Ray Resorts Maldives by Starwood Hotels & Resorts is a great place to stay. The resort is located in the Maldives and offers all the comforts of home, including an outdoor pool that overlooks the ocean.

    The resort also has two restaurants on site, along with a bar if you want to relax with some drinks after dinner or during happy hour!

    1. Radisson Resorts Maldives' Veli Resort & Spa

    Location: Veli Resort & Spa is located in the heart of the Rangali Island, directly on the beach.

    Services: The resort offers a wide range of activities for both kids and adults alike. There are many water sports available including scuba diving or snorkeling trips (if you want to go diving), as well as other activities like kayaking from your villa or horse riding on your own private island. You can also enjoy tennis courts, basketball courts, volleyball courts and even karaoke if that's your thing!

    Amenities: The resort offers modern comforts such as wifi throughout their premises along with free parking spaces near each villa so you don't have far walk back home after enjoying themselves all day long!

    1. PADI Dive Resort, Maldives

    Another great choice is PADI Dive Resort, located in the Maldives. This resort has a restaurant and bar, as well as a dive center with instructors who can help you learn how to dive or become certified in SCUBA diving. There’s also a pool, spa, gym and tennis court on site to help keep guests active while they are relaxing at the resort.

    When it comes to fitness levels I find that most people don’t really exercise enough if they live somewhere like Dubai or Abu Dhabi where there isn't much weather so if you have access then this would be an ideal place for someone who wants some variety without going too far away from home!

    Water villas in maldives are highly affordable, most of them have a beach nearby and offer great service

    Water villas in the Maldives are highly affordable. Most of them have a beach nearby and offer great service, so you can enjoy your vacation without breaking the bank.

    If you're looking for an economical option that won't hurt your wallet, consider hotel booking in maldives!


    So, if you're looking for an affordable vacation and want to stay in a location that offers great service, then water villas in the Maldives might just be your best bet. There are many types of villas available depending on what kind of experience you want while there. The best part about these islands is that they're not expensive at all which means everyone will have an amazing time!