Steps to block Email on Yahoo emails

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    December 11, 2023 3:41 AM GMT

    These are the very simple steps that you have to follow while you try to block email on Yahoo:

    Click on settings icon then click on more settings

    Then go to security and privacy 

    Then again click on blocked address and click on add buttons

    Then enter that email and click on block

    Then click on save

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    December 13, 2023 11:50 AM GMT

    Blocking emails on Yahoo Mail is a useful feature to prevent unwanted emails from reaching your inbox. Here are the steps to block an email address on Yahoo Mail:

    Blocking an Email Address:

    1. Login to Your Yahoo Mail Account:

      • Open your web browser and go to the Yahoo Mail website.
      • Log in with your Yahoo email address and password.
    2. Open the Email:

      • Locate an email from the sender you want to block.
    3. Click on the "More" Menu:

      • Open the email, and next to the reply arrow, you'll see a "More" option (three vertical dots). Click on it.
    4. Select "Block":

      • From the drop-down menu, click on "Block."
    5. Confirm the Action:

      • A confirmation message will appear asking if you're sure you want to block the sender. Click "Block" to confirm.

    Managing Blocked Addresses:

    1. Access Yahoo Mail Settings:

      • In Yahoo Mail, click on the gear icon in the upper-right corner. This opens the Settings menu.
    2. Go to "More Settings":

      • From the Settings menu, click on "More Settings" at the bottom.
    3. Select "Security and Privacy":

      • In the left sidebar, select "Security and Privacy."
    4. View Blocked Addresses:

      • Under the "Blocked addresses" section, you will see a list of email addresses you have blocked.
    5. Unblock an Address (If Needed):

      • If you decide to unblock an email address, click on the trash bin icon next to the blocked address. Confirm the action to unblock.
    6. Adjust Settings (Optional):

      • You can also adjust your spam and security settings from this page to enhance email filtering.
    7. Save Changes:

      • After making any changes, be sure to save your settings.

    Blocking an email address in Yahoo Mail helps filter out unwanted messages from specific senders, ensuring a cleaner and more focused inbox experience. Keep in mind that blocking an email address won't prevent emails from landing in your Spam folder; it will just prevent them from appearing in your main inbox.


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