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  • the summer Milky Way approached him and asked cheap oakley sunglasses sale him: Xia Galaxy heart of a happy, and sure enough as she expected, she smiled and said: Now your family background is also exposed, and certainly a lot of people to curry favor with you, so I think cheap others not as cheap own, is more close to the street Master you take an advantage. a small role like me, can near you This son of a wealthy household, but the past to repair the blessing, let it a shame that she learned the casual attitude of street Xin Ren usually speak, try to put the words to be true. street Xin Ren, blinking eyes looked at her and asked earnestly: br> chance. this case, the summer Milky Way is thought, street Xin Ren Although it looks very casual pro, but underneath it is a persistent man. summer Milky Way, stretching out her feet kicked him: with bamboo, diffuse? carefully, said: . situation, I think that is too heavy, of course, afraid to write the bad Qi Lord will send 3,000 men to kill me now, I want to make college tuition, and school principals have said, as long as I wrote out his will it change into a novel published. maybe you do not know a family like ours, college tuition is a huge amount of money, while dry happy side to help parents reduce stress, I think I have the courage to overcome fear of heart, even if a plummeted inside the pumping does not turn around and it does not matter once in a lifetime youth once, like you say, miss never had. : She suddenly went to the patch of sunshine, turned around, Xin Ren, facing the street, happy, smiling gently, said: the door. unfamiliar Xin Ren, are right many things that did not have time to say sorry on has long been not go back, she did not want to have that regret, such as rich as the principal can, and I had any reason to retreat If you can fulfill his dream, then it is also satisfactory. cheap oakley sunglasses street Xin Ren's dream is very simple to write one of his parents-?-fiction, and his mother was a chief designer, elegant and refined origin family, Road kill the event of his father, was a small clinic doctors to save. From this report kindness, money and contribute to the achievements of his father's achievements. And the lovers have? To be known as TV and fiction, usually only interception of life a few highlights and a lot of assumptions, if the temptation to fall back on these assumptions, then the fragment back to basics, but also? life bit by bit, you begin to understand why each fairy tale only when the Prince and Cinderella married an abrupt end. Xu Xian with Bai Suzhen and the U.S. United States to live with it, two different social background, philosophy of life are too different, contradictions, more and more and more and more profound knowledge out of hand. Different routes, after all, can not end by. Diana even before they become old, will be certain death, something that is not satisfactorily fairy good excuse. If Bai Suzhen that there was no trapped in the Pagoda, she and her husband, I'm afraid already parted ways. This is the street Xin Ren believe too concerned about the things his parents, perhaps it should be said is a beautiful love of his from this period of discrete, has a grudge, it seemed only to give vent to tell the world in the paper above, he can let go . and she wanted to do the one who understands his people, he would also like to untie that knot, at least let him change clothing with the same set of years! Although silk clothing and the dynasty exclusive custom clothes, he wore also very contrast, but every day is such a, he did not trouble to see people fatigued.
      August 22, 2012 4:12 AM BST