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  • paper or did not wrap fire, do not know what gossip with music I say these things. A hard-fought poised to take off, the smell of gunpowder in the air. all this class chan luu and did not know, after the finish of the new texts, she sat on the podium changed with the job, the students do exercises lying chan luu wrap bracelet on the table. My mind does not do the question, has been with Chan Ka Chuan with a note, in addition to Quanzhu more than music, we also can not think of a better way. the the school bell rang, the teacher just out of the classroom, more than music picked up a chair across the table ran past students to see this scene was shocked, I saw I the music Shoulin chair toward the publicity, publicity quickly with both hands, cover your head smashed in the past, chairs smashed on his arm, and suddenly two broken legs. Around the students were scared to stay away music I continue to drop but also brandished, assertive stand up and seize a chair leg toward the I music belly Henti foot, more than music, two steps back knocked a the desks and picked up a chair and smashed in the past, publicity quickly bow semester garden chair to fly to the back wall of the classroom, teacher heard this and she returned to the classroom, and saw this scene, her face livid with anger, pounding the desk hand the math teacher's wooden set square, scolding: The rebel ah you? Publicity rubbing his arm, I Yue red eyes, the two hate each other each other, the class teacher to kick them to the guidance offices, respectively notify the parents of two schools to deal with. I did not worry about more than music, although he moved his hand, but the publicity read the diary earlier music I beat him also out of justice. I heard that the father of the music I was a Secretary should not be much problem. never imagined I music Secretary father felt for his son to fight this thing to come forward loses face, did not come to the school. Assertive parents obviously know better how to deal with schools, as one of the chan luu bracelet school building assistance, do not know what kind of way bribery school, the end result is a publicity probation, Yu Lok expulsion. chan luu bracelets 5 Yu Lok up classrooms in the afternoon language lessons to pack items and Chan Ka-his schoolbag to fit the book in his arms, in front of the classroom more than music hand refers to unassuming, give him a contemptuous look. publicity sinister smile. and Chan Ka-him to the school gate, his parents really cruel son had been expelled only sent a driver to pick, I opened the door and looked at our helpless smile . I think he is actually just a child, so easily to be expelled from school, do not know how to go his way after, will be leading to where a desolate feeling in my heart. Gordon Chan's, eyes are wet and thrown into the arms of the book in the car, the three individuals closely crowded in force patting each other on the back. Yu Lok said: My tears almost rolled from the eyes. Yu Lok said: Will he mess with you, join us to fix him. the behaved the behaved the word I first heard that he wanted to mean is probably my pure goodness? My brain high-speed running, I think summer school when Su Xin saw excited like small fry, I thought of publicity into the class when she looked back at him, I think I music and assertive when fighting, the Soviet Union Xin put the word they give to stop, not me Is Su Xin like? Does she like publicity? She stop them for fear of publicity disadvantage in the fight?

      August 22, 2012 4:08 AM BST