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the famous German chan luu bracelet

  • is indeed the case , only calmly think about everything , all the impossible into possible , to be able to head off disaster . The daily life of many examples chan luu verify a conclusion that is usually not chan luu wrap bracelet successful out of the woods , not because of the failure of the behavior , but the lack of a calm mental . at any time , to maintain an absolute calm psychology is very important . For this reason, many foreign psychologists are given their own views and findings . American psychologist , Ed Wood , the father of educational psychology system ? Sang Updike : only with this quality to the event analysis more comprehensive , the judgment of the things will be more accurate , but also to make the right decision at the last . the famous German chan luu bracelet psychologist Hermann ? Ebbinghaus chan luu bracelets once said: good habits , that is, before doing anything , be sure to calmly think , and good people to think rationally , the final judgment or decision - making accuracy rate of almost 92% . , anytime, anywhere with an absolute calm mental is equivalent to far away from success . , be good to think rationally , are generally correct direction of control . the Lun Tanuo more directly :

      August 22, 2012 4:07 AM BST