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  • What does this mean? Little matchmaker want. Summer fox and Lulu are innocent, and now fake oakley sunglasses he could have explained, but he said nothing, not means, he felt poorly explained? Wei Leng on the road, the small matchmaker shrink shrink body Baoxiong slowly organize your thoughts, but also that she was not half a month, who do not know the summer fox and Lulu in the end what happened from just call sound, they are already familiar with. Mindful of this, suddenly a flash of small matchmaker mind, think of Lulu for the first time to meet and summer fox scene when Lulu not to say that she and He Xi Xia seen as early as? Perhaps ... small matchmaker shakes do not wish to think at this moment, the two one after the other went to Malaysia on the road, as opposed to just too quiet residential lanes, Malaysia on the road occasionally also speeding twelve cars At this time, Su Mu only react, Xi Xia He wanted to send her a cab? She looks back, would like to say gently opening: br> the dim street lights, small matchmaker clenched fist, after all, not been able to say anything at. ---- visiting the split line of the enemy ---- Su Mu did not go home, but went directly to the address given in accordance with the He Xi Xia He see Yu residence. after a very long tree-lined trail, the rows of neat and chic European-style small houses looms in front of a house are configured with dozens of square meters of garden, retro wall fence circle, the distance is a big lake. the matchmaker to be security guards outside the requirements of the ID card and the name of the visitor, a small matchmaker thought, did not say how to see the name of Yu, but test said a name, security username book over and over again, and finally said: . doorbell after a moment's waiting for and where to see Yu opened the door, outside the door, a quiet. A long time, how to see the feathers pulled silk smile, , even if a person fake oakley sunglasses sale at home, she was also wearing a neat and crisp dress, showing a slender figure, supple curls right site in the back of the head, casually stuck a hairpin, exposing the white neck, filling a woman's charm and sexy. small matchmaker head tilt, but also how to see Yu beautiful, how got into the eyes of the man? Ho See Yu, small the matchmaker burst looked quite uncomfortable, open the door, smiled and said: , pull the sleeves back and said, laughingly, have not had time to take away the cup, is still standing. See Yu Ho busy preparing for a long time, she was rather abruptly asked: sound Su Mu no ups and downs, then asked: enough throughout the year, eat a meal of meat had to give the brother and sister's life, since you came out never back then the original, since you have chosen to leave the city C, why come back? Su Mu side to side coldly stared at this beautiful woman, after all, where see Yu no match for the eyes, put down the hands of the cushion and he murmured, he said: matchmaker to interrupt her, take a step back, see Yu Ho can not touch, I remember the first time I saw her, she like to attract, simply shift the line of sight. know what is beautiful.? appearance from the inside out, her clean, simple, willing to pay for the dream ... So I really put her as a sister when the sister-in-law, my psyche look forward to her big brother lovers to get married, but unfortunately, in the end I know I am the person of vision or bad. What kind of feelings? affective than the check, however a thin, me and my brother to find ways to help raise money for her time, she has been lying in the arms of someone else's ...

      August 22, 2012 4:07 AM BST