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How to Write 1000 Words Essay?

  • There are some students think that writing 1000 word essay is easy.  You can know the simplicity of this essay writing task. These types of essays are very short. But one needs to pay more attention to every single word you type. There are in some case you need to spend a couple days. This is because of writing unnecessary phrases, also there are some students also rewriting some sentences. This is to make the sentence more informative. If you want to make your reader to engage on your essay, then you must write in an interesting way. 

    It is better to not to think about the words. You just start writing no stop. Write about what actually your readers need. It will make time consuming. But it also allows you to clearly understand what you need to write in final version. It is always good to go for free writing. Don’t think about the word count. You just write it, if it is more than thousand words, can edit it. Once you finish with your first draft go through with them. Try to check most important part in an essay. Remove unnecessary words and sentences. Once you done with this, connect them in a perfect way.

    You may also think about how long is a 1000 words essay. This type of essay may take different number of pages. This is mainly depending on the essay format. Suppose, if you are using Calibri font, 10pt, with double spacing. Then your essay will be two pages long. If it is Ariel, 2pt, single spacing, then it is also 2 pages long. If you use Times new roman, 12 pt and double spacing then it will four pages long. Check your requirement. This is all depending on the essay formats you use.  You should also follow the basic structure of an essay. This is also more important when you write an essay. Need more tips?  Visit this custom essay service; you can get better writing help. And you can also get some sample papers here to refer.

      June 4, 2021 9:44 AM BST