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Emperor tyrant

  • An ancient being once said that a long time ago, before the era of the nine realms, there was no weathered Grand Canyon on this land, but it did not appear until later. Because of this, there is a saying that the weathering Grand Canyon appeared at the time of the catastrophe. It is said that at the time of the catastrophe, a corpse fell from the sky and hit the earth, leaving such a huge scar that it finally became the weathering Grand Canyon. However, there are some people who deny this view. They say that in the era of the Nine Realms, the Grand Canyon of Weathering was an ancient and magical vein. However, at the time of the catastrophe, the Nine Realms collapsed and tore the earth apart. The essence of the power contained in the Great Vein came out and rushed out of a Grand Canyon. There is also a view that the weathering of the Grand Canyon is due to the fact that at the time of the catastrophe, there was a terrible and fierce collapse, and the force of terror came out, creating the weathering of the Grand Canyon, which became a mystery that no one could solve later. No matter which one it is, there is no authoritative certification that the weathered Grand Canyon is still there, and every once in a while, something incredible happens in the weathered Grand Canyon. Weathering Grand Canyon- "Looking at this huge canyon in front of us, like a dragon sitting on the earth, and like the scars left in the eight wastelands after the catastrophe, millions of years have passed, which can not be erased.". Li Qiye just sighed with emotion. Finally, he could not help saying slowly, "What on earth happened?" Finally, Li Qiye took a step into the Grand Canyon of Weathering. Weathered Grand Canyon is not as dead and dry as everyone imagines. On the contrary, in the Weathered Grand Canyon, it is full of vitality. There are oases,stainless steel tile edge trim, rivers, mountains, historic sites, fertile fields and cottages. It can be said that for millions of years, there have been many lives here. It's just that when you walk slowly in this weathered Grand Canyon and go further, you will find some different places. In fact, for millions of years, there have been many people living in the weathered Grand Canyon, but with the passage of time, the weathered Grand Canyon has lost its prosperity. In the Grand Canyon,stainless steel edge trim, there are many villages, but more, some villages have declined. In some villages, there is no human habitation. In this empty village, only some rocks or stone statues stand there, and some rocks are mostly buried in the soil. Seeing such a scene, many monks understand that this is the place where the stone people live, and the decline of such villages means that in these villages, the villagers have embarked on the road of atavism, they are eventually atavistic or semi-atavistic, turned into rocks, into statues, become the ornament of the village, and the people who are completely atavistic will sink into the ground. Disappear without a trace. Of course, there are still some villages that still have residents, these stone people living in the village, although they have not yet atavistic, but their bodies have begun to petrify, tile trim factory ,stainless steel tile edging, many parts of the body have become rock-like, hard and thick. Such stone people, they rarely go out, in addition to looking for food, more time they will stay in their villages, slowly on the road of atavism. There are many villages in the Grand Canyon, but the whole village is still prosperous, and the vast majority of the residents in the village have not embarked on the road of atavism, which is very few, just a few villages. It is precisely because of this that a huge weathered canyon, with thousands of villages, seems so deserted. In fact, the situation of the weathered Grand Canyon is just a microcosm of the whole Ishihara. Most of the stone people in the eight wastelands settled in Ishihara, but the whole Ishihara was not as prosperous as imagined, but the whole Ishihara became more and more deserted, more and more silent, and the whole stone people became more silent after they embarked on the road of atavism. However, the Weathering Grand Canyon is different from other places in Ishihara. If you look carefully, every village in the Weathering Grand Canyon has stone pillars, and no one is an exception. Li Qiye strolls in the weathered Grand Canyon, passing by one village after another. Looking at this unique village, Li Qiye sighs softly. The Stone People. Li Qiye has endless feelings in his heart. The stone people of that year, is how prosperous, the stone people of that year, and how many immortal emperors, how many countries with great religion, can be said to be very prominent. Today's stone people, have become silent, are slowly to disappear, and so on, perhaps from now on, the world is more and more difficult to see the stone people. However, this is not the stone people were exterminated, but they embarked on another path, they are to avoid this world. Of course, this kind of atavism, right or wrong, outsiders are difficult to evaluate, also can not go to the conclusion, after all, this is the stone people their own choice, they should be atavistic is the best destination. Li Qiye came to a bend of the weathered gorge, where the river flowed quietly. There were many rocks scattered in the river, which were washed down from the upper stream. The moderate rocks were washed by the river for millions of years, and they looked round. Li Qiye sat there quietly, looking at the river. At this time, a man was busy in the river. He was choosing the rocks in the river. This man looks like a child, about twelve years old if calculated according to the age of the human race. However, he is different from the Terran. He is a Stone Terran. This childlike stone race, about only up to the waist of adults, the whole body appears round, this is not to say that he is fat, but his body has been petrified, the body has no angular lines, all parts of the body appear very complete. Whether it was the head, the waist, or the legs and hands, his legs and hands looked so round that even his fingers could not be seen, like boulders. To be precise,stainless steel tile trim, the whole body of this stone people is made up of six round stones, which looks round, funny and cute.
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