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Concubine hidden in a golden house

  • Covered two people by the way. At that moment, she shuddered and softened. Jane Fan snorted and broke out in the tight twitch. In fact, two people's posture, from the door simply can not see anything, but that kind of breath can not deceive people. He narrowed his peach blossom eyes slightly and almost extinguished Rong Ruo. Rong Ruo hung his head in shame and simply withdrew from the office. Well, there's no need to say anything. With the boss's mind, he's just tired to death now! Xu Qianyu lost his mind in the lingering charm of the high tide and let him help her clean up and tidy up her clothes. After the reaction, she almost died of shame: XXOO was seen by his brother in the office! Jane Fan hugged her and comforted her by saying, "I didn't see anything." Of course she knew she didn't see anything, but the idiot also knew what they were doing. Whoo, this day can not live, she will never come to the company with him again! 67 67. A husband is like this (repair BUG).. The author has something to say: all kinds of small pieces of life. (1) Excessive indulgence and dissatisfaction with desire Words since the last time two people in the office one did not hold back the thunder to stir up the fire, the door is not closed when the spring is thick after being caught by Rong Ruo, Xu Qianyu has refused to continue to work with her husband. After many unsuccessful abductions, a man finally gave up. However, this also directly leads to dissatisfaction with their desires. The result of desire dissatisfaction is that he is unhappy with Jane Ershao, and a certain cannon fodder day is sad. First,aluminium edge trim, after working overtime one night, I was frightened by a naked woman lying in bed. As soon as he heard that it was sent by the eldest brother, he found that the naked woman was actually Ming Baoer when he was about to upset the phoenix! He was so frightened that he ran for the door. And then he was blamed. Ming Baoer appeared in the company every day, dangling in front of him every day, so that he went directly to beg the security guard to ban this person from entering the company. The upright security guard said to him: "I'm sorry, General Manager Rong.". Er Shao said that no one was allowed to stop Miss Ming in the future, and General Manager Rong did not have the right. He wants to die! He wants to die! Don't let anyone stop him! So when Xu Qianyu stayed at home with a good conscience,stainless tile trim, Rong Ruo dragged Lei Qing to visit his sister-in-law. Xu Qianyu, however, did not know that his complexion was ruddy, round and smooth, which stimulated him a lot. All kinds of resentments, such as busy work, lack of sleep, and abnormal beauty, were gathered together, and his resentment soared to the sky. Lei Qing is still normal, always looking at her more and more bulging belly with envious eyes. Rong Ruo, on the other hand, metal trim manufacturers ,tile profile factory, was not quite normal, with a pale face and plaintive eyes. Xu Qianyu couldn't help asking Jian Fan, "What's wrong with Mr. Nalan?" Jane Fan did not answer, but gave her food: "Eat more." Rong Ruo complained as if no one was watching: "Call me Nalan!" Because Ming Baoer's classmates often call him that. Lei Qing is direct: "He was cohabited recently." "Huh?" She asked intuitively, "Miss Ming?" "Be good and eat. We don't have to worry about other people's business." Jane Fan continued to pick up food. Rong Ruo's resentment quickly stretched, and his voice was like a ghost: "Boss.." It's so annoying that Xu Qianyu shivered. Boss, I was wrong. Rong Ruo put down his chopsticks, took off his glasses, and showed his sincere eyes. He has thoroughly experienced the old and harmful kung fu. Please let him return to normal. Oh, it turns out that Mr. Nalan is indulging in excessive sex. Xu Qianyu looked at his increasingly pale face and could not help but draw a conclusion. Rong Ruo almost roared-he was seriously sleep-deprived, which eye did she see him indulge in sex? "Sister-in-law, I was wrong. I really didn't see what you and the eldest brother were doing." Jian Fan did not respond, Rong Ruo had to turn around and began to complain. Xu Qianyu blushed again. Please, sister-in-law, please satisfy the eldest brother! Rong Ruo began to wail, let Ya's excessive indulgence is better than Ya's dissatisfaction with desire! Jane Fan did not have any reaction and continued to eat calmly. Endure, Xu Qianyu finally opened his mouth: "In fact, I can do nothing." "Can't the boss?" Lei Qing shouted. Jane Fan's lips pursed into a line. Or are you alone and the boss can't be satisfied? Rong Ruo simply broke the pot, anyway, now there is Lei Qing as a companion. Jane Fan's eyes narrowed. Wiping sweat, Xu Qianyu laughed twice: "You think too much." "That?" Rong Ruo and Lei Qing asked in chorus. The baby is 9 months old, and the doctor said that we should try not to do that. "Mo Xiaoliu just gave her an ultimatum last week, otherwise the baby in her belly would be affected." ……” Fine. The boss is really a good man who loves his wife so much! However, Rong Ruo could not help but roar to the sky: "Boss, if you want to be dissatisfied, can you not take us as cannon fodder?"? Jane Fan put down his chopsticks and said to them lightly, "Is it time to upgrade our game to the third generation?" Rong Ruo and Lei Qing vomited blood directly and died. (2) The fun of running with the ball One day, a girl wrote in a novel that the woman and the man had a quarrel, the woman ran away with the ball in anger, and the man could not find it, and after several years. Readers below said the tear bombs had gone too far. Biting her finger, she couldn't help asking a man working on the side: "Is it very cruel?" Jane Fan pulled her hand from her lips and held it. "Why did you run with the ball?" She tilted her head. "I think it's very handsome." “……” "And running with the ball is awesome!" "For example?" She was a little excited and began to list them to him one by one: "Actually, I wanted to arrange for the woman to beat up the man, and by the way, it would be better if she couldn't take care of herself.". Or directly abort the child, so that Ya does not know how to cherish. If you go too far, you will directly make cannon fodder for the man and straighten up the second man! She'd better be married by the time he finds her! Or wait for the child to grow up and teach him to take revenge on the man! Oh, hehe, hehe! "Is that easy BG for you?" "Well." Xu Qianyu was in a daze. If he really wanted to write like that, it would probably become a tragedy of deep love in the dark department. Touching her belly when she was about to give birth,aluminum tile trim, Jane Fan remembered her behavior of returning to Jinan without hesitation, and remembered the "ex-husband" who was once obsessed with her. She said with great relief: "Fortunately, you just think about a lot of things." "Do you want to do something?" She winked at him. No need. I can't stand tossing about for my husband's old arms and legs. Refuse it decisively.
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