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Tomb of God (fine collation)

  • "Waiting for me is the joint attack of the three masters of the Blood Angel clan!" At this point, the ancient God paused for a moment and said, "The First World War was really tragic. I still have a lingering fear when I think about it now.". If I hadn't been wearing basalt armor, I would have been destroyed by them in World War I. With all my strength, I killed two of them. Although the blood emperor is not dead, but also like me, the tragic fall from the realm of the emperor to the realm of the God king, repair for great damage. We are not willing to return to the human world, and we will never die in this hundred thousand mountains. As a result, I won a tragic victory, but all my fighting power dissipated and the wings of Jihad degenerated. Later, I learned that you killed my people in heaven and fled back to the human world, and I became like this. I was really disheartened and did not know where to go. Finally, I just wanted to die slowly in the world of mortals. Are you telling the truth? Are you going to give me a surprise to kill the Blood Emperor and win the Jade Ruyi instead of abandoning our mother and son? "Of course not. What makes you think that?" "Roar." A loud roar, as tall as a mountain, the body of the demon ape shrinks rapidly, and the horrible appearance is also changing dramatically. But in the blink of an eye, a young woman in her twenties appeared in front of everyone. She was wearing a black dress. Her beautiful black hair was shining. Her eyebrows were curved, her eyes were like autumn water, her nose was upturned, her red lips were moist, her shellfish teeth were white, her neck was as white as a swan, her peaks were full and beautiful, her waist was slender, and her buttocks were plump. This is simply a peerless beauty of national beauty! Where there is half a trace of ferocity? It's a far cry from the brutal ancient beast before! The dragon baby who just came out of the world in the east of Chen exclaimed directly: "My God!" Zijin Shenlong also rubbed his eyes fiercely and said incredibly, "Longsheng!"! This world is really colorful, old dragon,Whirlpool bathtub, I also have a psychedelic time ah! The ape lady who spoke again, her voice was like a big bead falling on a jade plate, crisp and melodious, compared with the magic ape who roared to the sky half an hour ago, it was really the difference between heaven and earth! Episode 30 Chapter 8 Chen Zhan Qianzhang Demon Ape turns into a peerless beauty with graceful posture and beautiful national beauty, and its violent voice becomes as beautiful as the sounds of nature. The contrast before and after is really too big! Whether it is Chen Dong, or the big demon, as well as Nalan Ruoshui are somewhat dumbfounded, only two dragons quietly comment there. "Tell me," said the lady with a bad look, "why are you protecting them? Do you know that the young man among them beheaded the little ape?" "The little ape is inherited from you. It has an immortal body. After a period of self-cultivation, it will grow a good new head. This is not a grudge that cannot be resolved.". Besides, do you know who he is? He is the son of Chen Zhan. His father once showed great kindness to us. What?! Is he really the son of Chen Zhan? This How is that possible?! Lady Ape was a little shocked and said, "Chen Zhan's benefactor has disappeared for thousands of years. How could his son suddenly appear?" The ancient God sighed and said, "Yes, outdoor spa manufacturers ,jacuzzi bathtub manufacturers, ten thousand years have passed in a hurry, but he is indeed the son of Chen Zhan.". Your news is too closed. It's not as good as me, a useless person. Not long ago, Chen Dong made a big noise in heaven, which has been widely circulated among the masters of various metaphysical realms. You can ask about the details in a big metaphysical realm, and you can understand them in detail. "That's right." Ape lady looked at Chen Dong's eyes, hostility disappeared, and even showed a trace of shame. She turned her head to show a soft color to the ancient God and said, "I have been away from the world for many years, and I have long stopped asking about the world of mortals.". If the little ape hadn't been seriously injured and fled to my retreat, I might have escaped from the world forever. In that case, I was too reckless. Seeing a few treasures in his hands, I thought he was a member of Tianjiechen's family. Especially when I saw him wearing Xuanwu armor, it was even more difficult for me to keep calm, because after all, it was the armor you had worn in those years, even if there was no little ape, I would catch him and ask him what happened. ” "Your temper has not changed at all. When you are calm, you are dignified and virtuous. When you are angry, you are furious. You are still the same, and I am a waste." At this point, the ancient God looked lonely, and the skeleton's body looked even more withered. Although the Ruffian Dragon resented the ancient gods, he was not interested in their past. But the old ruffian still had some sympathy, and when he saw the troubled couple together, he did not interrupt them. I will find a way to restore your power! The ape lady's eyes glistened with tears, and now she looks gentle and dignified, which is worse than before. The ancient God smiled bitterly and said, "It's no use. If I could, I would have been reincarnated into a new body.". The destructive power of the blood angels, entangled with the power of my soul, has been inseparable from each other, sooner or later I will disappear. But before I die, I will do something for our child. Although the wings of my Jihad Angel have degenerated, its roots are still there, and it still retains the purest blood of Jihad God. I implanted it into the body of the little ape to make him the strongest warlord! No, I won't allow it! Hum, I want to hit the western heaven and force the demons to tell me how to save you. I believe there must be a way to save you. The declining Western Protoss is no longer in my eyes. You don't have to worry! With tears in her eyes, Mrs. Ape spoke firmly. Women are the ones who please themselves. Lady Ape, such a beautiful woman, is willing to face the world with an ugly animal body. For thousands of years, she has been hurt by her feelings and her heart is dead. Now, it will be a new turning point for her to break the misunderstanding. Let's talk about these things later. The ancient God smiled and said, "Today I can bury the hatchet with you and completely fulfill my wish. Now let's talk about Chen Zhan's benefactor.". Chen Dong, come here. The ancient God greets Chen Dong. Chen Dong strode to the front, he sympathized with the rough experience between the two,endless swim pool, but also eager to know the news of his father Chen Zhan. Xuanwu Armor is returned to its original owner, which should have belonged to you. "It belonged to me?" Chen Dong's eyes flashed with surprise and he said, "You mean it's.." 。
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