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Dream of beauty in troubled times

  • The other beggar yawned and said, "Exactly.". Girl. We haven't slept in two nights trying to catch you. This time. Just take a break! This man was a sergeant who had been to the State of Zhou with the king, and he knew very well about He Ying, so he said this. He Ying smiled bitterly. She just looked up and saw ten beggars standing at the corner of the street in front of her. Without looking back, she could hear that the sergeants were moving closer to her. Gradually, these people wrapped He Ying in the middle. There were very few pedestrians in the morning, and occasionally some people saw this scene, not only did they not stop to watch the fun, but they hurried to speed up their departure. After a while, the laughter of Princess Qiu and Xi Wei sounded from behind. He Ying looked back and saw that one of them was riding on a horse and the other was sitting on a carriage. Xi Wei laughed and said, "Brothers, get ready to leave!"! Your Majesty has been urging, in any case, we must get to the capital in three days! All the soldiers and beggars claimed to be good. Galloping to He Ying's side, Xi Wei pointed to a carriage and said gently, "Miss He, please!" He Ying glanced at him and turned to the carriage. As soon as they got into the carriage, the two maids hurried over. One took a hot towel to wipe her face, and the other took out clothes and shoes to dress her. In less than a moment,5 person hot tub, He Ying took on a new look. She pulled back the curtain of the car just in time to see Xi Wei riding over. Holding the horse next to the carriage, Xi Wei sighed, shook his head and said, "Miss He, Xi thinks he is not a fool, but until now, he can't understand what Miss has done.". What is the use of running away and refusing to obey the king's orders? Aren't you afraid that your Majesty will lose patience with you? He looked at He Ying and saw her with a cold face. "Your Majesty's patience with women is very limited,4 person jacuzzi," he added. "Miss He, when you go to the palace this time, you must be careful what you say and do, or you will suffer." As he spoke, he suddenly saw He Ying looking behind him, and his face changed slightly. Can not help but turn to look, but see pavilions, not half a person in the shadow. He Ying saw Chen Li just now, and there was a middle-aged man standing beside him. When the three of them looked at each other just now, He Ying clearly saw that there were no white marks on Chen Li's face, and the way he looked at himself looked very awestruck and indifferent. Seeing that He Ying was very indifferent to his advice, Xi Wei shook his head again. Just then, Princess Qiu emerged from the carriage beside her. She looked at He Ying with a slight smile and said, "Brother Xi, endless swim spa ,outdoor hot tub, you are worrying too much.". Who is Yu Langjun? She has great literary talent and excellent swordsmanship. Do you still need to teach such a wise man? Xi Wei laughed and said, "The princess is right!" Princess Qiu took a proud glance at He Ying and ordered the carriage to get a little closer until it was parallel to He Ying's carriage. Seeing Xi Wei running to the front, Princess Qiu turned her head and looked at He Ying. Suddenly he said, "To tell you the truth, I really admire you." With sincere eyes, she looked at He Ying and said softly, "The Xia Kingdom is different from the other five kingdoms. Here, there are few people that the king wants but can't catch.". It's not the right time for you to escape. Chapter 134 of the main text. Words: 2,293 Chapter 134 Summer City. He Ying looked up at her in surprise. Princess Qiu smiled gently and said, "Are you wondering why I said these words?" She looked at Xi Wei and her eyes darkened. "In this world, it's not easy for a woman to get ahead.". The fact that you got my brother's attention shows that you are very successful. It's just that the world is in the hands of men, and my brother is particularly overbearing. The freedom you want is too hard to get. Smiling, she whispered, "He Ying, I believe you now.". You're not playing hard to get and being different. You really want to get out of here. He Ying's mind moved and he looked at her eagerly. To He Ying's eyes, Princess Qiu smiled again, but drew back her head and stopped talking. Three days to get to the summer city, the time is very tight. Originally, as soon as Xi Wei and others entered the Xia territory, the king's order came and asked him to arrive at the Xia city within four days. He Ying did not expect this run, then wasted a day. They traveled day and night, and in the middle of the night, they often only rested for an hour or two and then set off again. And the surveillance of He Ying is even more rigorous. After three days of this, he finally entered the city of King Xia at dusk. As soon as they entered Xia Cheng, both He Ying and Princess Qiu put on their gauze caps. The two women pulled the carriage curtain high and kept looking outside. After living in Zhoucheng for a year, he Ying still felt particularly fresh in Xiacheng. As far as architecture is concerned, Xiacheng is not as good as Zhoucheng. The architecture here takes a primitive route. Tall and strong, but also simple and not fancy, there are stereotyped houses everywhere, which makes He Ying quite disappointed. The difference is that the roads here are particularly spacious, and there is no congestion in five or six carriages running side by side. And it's very quiet here, the streets are full of stalls and all kinds of things, but no one is making a lot of noise. One by one, they stood quietly in front of the stall, waiting for the seller to come forward automatically. The dress of the common people is too simple for Zhoucheng. Although simple, he Ying came all the way, but did not see half a beggar. It seems that the beggars may not be allowed to appear here. He Ying thought so. Xia Cheng gives people the feeling of simplicity and discipline, which virtually gives people a sense of heaviness. He Ying looked up at the direction of the royal city and thought of the mysterious king. He couldn't help thinking to himself, "What kind of person is he?"? Wang said that she felt that the changes before and after were so great that they were simply different. Even so, she felt that she had not seen his true face. As soon as her mind moved, she suddenly thought of Hitler, whom she had heard of in a previous life. She couldn't help thinking, "This king is not such a person who can't be guessed by common sense,endless pool swim spa, is he?"? It was evening. The golden sun shines on the streets and roofs. It adds a bit of vicissitudes to the simple city. He Ying watched quietly. Looked at, I do not know how long. Xi Wei's voice came from the side: "You two, serve Miss He to freshen up.". Wang wants to see her tonight. He Ying shivered and turned to look at Xi Wei.
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