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Heluo Jingjiao Version: Tiancan Potato

  • "In the final analysis, others think we are not enough." Mu Chen shook his head, they are not famous in the mainland of Tianluo, and they are a line of people, I am afraid that the nine grades of Jiuyou can be a little afraid, as for his half-step nine grades, perhaps directly ignored. It seems that what I bought has caused you some trouble. In the back, Lin Jing, who was teasing a bird in the courtyard, listened to their conversation. She raised her head, blinked her smart and beautiful eyes, and said with a smile, "If you need help, you can mention it." Mu Chen looked back at her, eyes slightly narrowed, Lin Jing's whole body almost did not reveal the slightest fluctuation of spiritual power, obviously she should have some treasure to cover up her spiritual power, so that others can not detect her strength. However, when she first met Lin Jing, the latter, like him, was collecting materials to condense the Supreme Dharma Body. Now several years have passed, with her status as the little princess of Wujing and the guidance of a Supreme Father of Heaven at any time, she is afraid that Lin Jing's current strength will not be weaker than his. Coupled with the deep inside story of Wu Jing, I'm afraid Lin Jing has countless life-saving things, according to Mu Chen's guess, perhaps even if the real supreme to Lin Jing, it is impossible to obliterate her. But in the face of a helper who could provide such a huge boost,304 Stainless Steel Pipe, Mu Chen shook his head with a smile and said, "If you don't even have the ability to keep this thing, you might as well give it to someone else with both hands, so as not to cause trouble." His young face is slightly calm, not because of the situation in front of the slightest panic and worry, so calm state, but let Lin Jingshou gently point, slightly appreciate. No wonder at the beginning even the mother would give Mu Chen such a high evaluation, at that time still some disapproval, but a few years later,Brushed Stainless Steel Sheet, it seems that he is indeed somewhat different. What are you going to do now? According to this posture, I am afraid that as soon as we leave the West City, we will encounter the encirclement of many forces. Jiu You asked. Mu Chen's eyelids drooped slightly and he said lightly, "In that case, let's wait." Since others look down on our big Luo Tianyu, let them touch it. "Now we need to make an example of each other." …… The night enveloped the earth. In the room, Mu Chen sat quietly, his spiritual power flowed all over his body, and the spirit between heaven and earth poured into his body continuously. He practiced like this for a long time before he slowly opened his eyes. With a wave of his sleeve robe, he saw two things appear in front of him. A remnant array, a token. It was Mu Chen who got the Jiulong devouring fairy array and the mysterious token from the auction. Mu Chen stared at these two things, slightly pondered, and then took over the remnants of the volume, the complete form of this array, is the true master level of the spirit array, once launched, even the supreme level of the super strong, are enough to contend. And the spiritual array master is also the realm that every spiritual array master dreams of. As long as you step into that level, then the spiritual array practice can barely be regarded as a great achievement. Of course, brushed stainless steel sheet ,304 Stainless Steel Flat Steel, the real peak is the legendary great master. It is a terrible existence comparable to the supreme level of heaven, but such characters, in the whole world, I am afraid, are quite rare, and what makes Muchen a little proud is that his mother is one of them. I don't know how my mother is now. And Lingxi elder sister, since the North Cangling courtyard, there is no news, she said to look for the traces of her mother, do not know how the situation. Muchen rubbed the remnants of the ancient array, but his thoughts were a little fluttering, but eventually he took a deep breath and suppressed the emotions in his heart. Now, although he is half a step and nine grades, it is still not enough, because with the improvement of his strength, he can faintly feel the strength of the mysterious family behind his mother. Even the mother who stepped into the realm of the great master was afraid, although some of them wanted to save him and his father, but it was enough to show that the clan was overbearing. Muchen pursed his lips, then focused his eyes on the remnants of the array in front of him, his eyes slightly closed, his spiritual power surging in his hands, and gradually poured into the old and broken scroll. Boom! Spiritual perception penetration, and the herdsman's mind, as if also burst out of the roar, bright light burst out, the picture immediately changed. It was on a mountain peak, only to see a white-haired old man standing with his hands on his back, waving his sleeve robe, and the overwhelming spiritual seals roared out like the tide, and then merged into the void, forming a complex and incomparable spiritual power lines between each other, which caused the spiritual power of heaven and earth to be turbulent. Accompanied by the gradual construction of the seal into a formation, the white-haired old man is a bullet, only to see nine streamers whistling out, faintly, with the sound of dragon singing. The nine streamers rushed into the huge formation, and when the light dispersed, it revealed its true appearance, only to see that in the light, there were nine genuine keels! The nine keels formed the nine central positions of the big array, and when they entered, the spirit array seemed to be resurrected. The towering light swept across the world, and the majestic light condensed all over the keel. Finally, the nine keels were transformed into nine real dragons with spiritual power. However, this dragon is not flesh and blood, but is condensed by spiritual power. But even so, the terrible pressure emanating from Kowloon is intrepid. Whew! When the Jiulong devouring immortal array was arranged, in the sky in front of the peak, there was a sudden flicker of light and shadow, only to see a figure flashing out, the momentum was towering, impressively a super strong man who stepped into the supreme level of the earth. And the array of white-haired old man just indifferent glance, immediately bent his fingers, only to see that the nine dragons are roaring in the sky, the next moment, nine dragon breath mighty spray out, like a rainbow through the sun, directly through the void, directly bombarded on the body of the supreme strong. Boom! Just a collision, the name of the supreme strong is flying upside down, blood crazy spray,304 Stainless Steel Coil, the whole body spiritual power pressure dropped, obviously suffered a heavy blow. The picture ended, and then a lot of information poured into Muchen's mind. Whew.
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