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  • FLAGLE is a spin-off of Wordle with the challenge of guessing a country by its flag over six attempts instead of guessing an English word. This is a game for those who are knowledgeable about geography and love to learn about the flags of countries around the world. Online flagle game is now free here and you can play it on web browsers.
      November 15, 2022 7:28 AM GMT
  • "Do you have to ask?" Drinkwater also appeared beside him at this time, proudly fiddling with his white beard. "How can I be a disciple taught by Drinkwater?" Drinkwater exists as a soul, and the magic teachers present at the moment are far away from the Holy Land, so naturally they are not aware of the existence of Drinkwater. Seventeen years old. Delant sighed. In the history of Ernst Academy of Magic, according to the age from small to large, you are the youngest one among the students who have reached the seventh level of magicians, ranking first in history, and originally ranked first, the genius who reached the seventh level of magicians at the age of 19, and later became a magician in the Holy Land. Next to a silver-haired old man also came over: "Not to mention the history of our Ernst Academy of Magic, but the history recorded in the history of the whole Yulan continent.". The age of magicians who have reached the seventh level on the mainland of Yulan is arranged from young to old. You also rank second in history. The history of the whole mainland of Yulan is much longer, and the scope is much wider. The Ernst Academy of Witchcraft and Wizardry is nothing compared to him. Second in history? Lin Lei was also shocked. There are so many geniuses in the history of Yulan Mainland that she can rank second in history, which is a terrible number. Yulan ranked first in the history of the mainland, is a more than 8000 years ago, the Holy Land Magic Teacher. He became a seventh degree magician at the age of sixteen. Yulan originally ranked second in the history of mainland China, but now it ranks third. He became a seventh level magician at the age of eighteen. The man eventually only reached the ninth level of the sorcerer. It was a blow to himself later. It is related to the great change of mind. You could say that.. If you are not included, six of the top ten geniuses in history are Holy Land Magic Teachers, and four are Level 9 Magic Guides. Generally, a magician of the seventh level is honored as a great magician. Magician of the eighth level, honored as the Magician Teacher. The ninth level magician is honored as the Great Magic Guide. Sorcerer of the Holy Land. Also known as the Holy Land Magician,dap diammonium phosphate, or the Holy Magician. It can be said that with your material, it is absolutely no problem to become at least a nine-level magic guide. And all you need is time. And if you continue to practice so hard, the hope of becoming a holy land is also very great. After all, you are now the second smallest level seven magician in history. The silver-haired old man looked at Lin Lei and said solemnly. Lin Lei has expectations for the Holy Land, but the expectations are not too big. Because Lin Lei understands one thing, the sorcerer is more difficult to advance than the warrior. Warriors, like magicians, need mental strength. But the degree of need for mental strength is different. Magicians do not cultivate the body, but only the spirit. Most of their experience is spent on the cultivation of spiritual power, for magic power, Magnesium Sulphate producer ,Magnesium Oxide powder, for the control of the elements of heaven and earth, are the need for spiritual power. A powerful sorcerer, their spiritual power is equally powerful and terrible. Soldiers are different. Compared with soldiers, the most important thing is the body. And then mental strength and fighting spirit. Only with a strong body can we withstand enough fighting. Mental power is used to better control the fighting spirit. For example, a level seven sorcerer is compared to a level seven warrior. Mental strength may be nearly ten times different. Even if I can become a teacher in the Holy Land in the future. But it must take a long time. And with the talent of my Dragon Blood Warrior, it is estimated that it will be much faster to practice to the Holy Land. Lin Lei is well aware of his family's history. Dragon Blood Warriors usually only need a few decades, a relatively short time to step into the Holy Land. And A dragon-blooded warrior who steps into the Holy Land is very powerful, even in the Holy Land, he is also a top strong man. Lin Lei, you are the most successful student in the history of our college. Please be sure to stay with the students these two days. I will invite the best painter and the best stone carving master to keep your portrait and your sculpture in our college. Deputy Dean Delant said immediately. This is the second genius in the history of the whole Yulan mainland, and naturally it is an honor of the college. A portrait? Lin Lei was stunned. He remembered that in front of the painter or stone carving master, he had to keep a posture for a long time. Thinking of that scene, Lin Lei could not help feeling that it was not a wonderful thing to become the second genius in the history of Yulan Mainland. The first genius in the history of Ernst Academy of Magic and the second genius in the history of the whole Magnolia continent. At the age of seventeen, he had already reached the seventh level of double magicians. The shocking news quickly spread throughout the Ernst Academy of Witchcraft and Wizardry. Level seven double magician? 17 years old? How is that possible? "There is still leave, so many magic teachers are present in the college, and the vice president of Delant has asked the painter to prepare a portrait of Lin Lei, to keep his appearance in our college forever." "My God, a seventh-level magician at the age of seventeen.". At this rate, it will reach level eight in ten years and level nine in twenty years. He is in his forties, that is, he is a nine-level magic guide. It is estimated that you will be able to become a teacher in the Holy Land before you are 100 years old. "I just looked through the library books, in addition to Lin Lei, the top ten geniuses in the past history, six are holy magic teachers, four are nine-level magic guides.". Lin Lei, it's really awesome. …… The whole Ernst Academy of Witchcraft and Wizardry is full of this kind of discussion, if a student's grades are slightly better than others. Others may be jealous. But when a student's grades reach the point that they look up to, to the point that they rank second in the history of the whole Yulan mainland, some of them just admire and worship. In their minds, Lin Lei's future achievements are limitless, and they are incomparable. It was said that Dixie was the first genius of the college, but now no one said it. Lin Lei is undoubtedly the first genius of the Academy, and the absolute first genius in the history of Ernst Academy of Magic for more than five thousand years. Dixie is only a level six sorcerer now. He's going to be a level seven sorcerer. Who knows how long it will be. Lin Lei,Magnesium Nitrate Fertilizer, level seven magician? Dixie, who had just finished meditating, was silent when she heard the news from her sister Delia.
      October 9, 2022 5:01 AM BST