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Fall in love with the sweet man [wear it quickly]

  • 31, "The movie king who loves to write love letters" 14 Lu Jingran stayed in a city for a day and flew back to the crew the next morning. When Yan finally returned home, naturally did not live a day to go, she and Lu Jingran discussed, a week later to the crew to find him. After seeing Lu Jingran off in the morning, Shi Yan called Shi Qiao and asked her to accompany her to go shopping and do beauty. I'm not as free as you are. I have to go to work to earn money. Hearing Shi Qiao's reply, Shi Yan still didn't give up: "Just take a day off. Don't worry, the company still turns without you!"! I'm almost downstairs in your company. Wait for me! Timing: "… …" More than ten minutes later, Shi Yan sat in the car and called Shi Qiao again: "I'm here, you come down quickly." “……” He happened to explain to his men and took the elevator downstairs with his bag. Seeing Shi Qiao coming out of the company, Shi Yan lowered the window and waved to her: "Sister, here." Shi Qiao walked over, pulled open the car door and sat next to Shi Yan. "What do you want to buy?" "Just buy clothes, bags,Magnesium Oxide price, jewelry and so on." She said she took out a card from her bag and shook it in front of Shi Qiao. "My husband gave it to me before he left and let me spend it casually." Timing: "… …" Is she really not here to show her love? Later facts proved that when Yan really came to buy, she not only bought her own, but also bought a lot of things for her sister. Shi Qiao put on a dress and walked out. Shi Yan clapped her hands warmly: "This one looks good. I'll buy this one." I usually wear formal clothes at work, but I haven't worn such a feminine dress for a long time, and I'm not used to it: "Do I think it's too revealing?" "No, how tightly do you want to wrap up in summer?" The shopping guide on the side also praises: "Miss Shi wears this skirt to fit very much,Mono Ammonium Phosphate MAP, very good-looking." When Yan took out the card like a domineering president, she said to the little sister of the shopping guide, "This is it. Help her cut the tag and wear it directly.". And give her a pair of shoes and a bag. "All right." The shopping guide took the card from Shi Yan and went to help Shi Qiao choose shoes and bags. It happened that I was speechless: "Even if I brush your husband's card, I don't have to be so generous, right?" Her sister has always been a little miser. "This is nothing," said Shi Yan. "The money you send me every month is more than this. I'll wrap up the beauty treatment later." Timing: "… …" Next, Shi Yan really took Shi Qiao to the beauty salon and did a very novel electric shock thin face. Shi Qiao looked at the electric shock instrument in front of him. After a moment's silence, he modestly said to Shi Yan, "You come first." “……” When Yan has never done this, a little guilty, Magnesium Oxide powder ,magnesium sulfate monohydrate, but think of her sister's lifelong happiness, fight! Come on When Yan first went up, an electric shock, the hair stood up directly. Shi happened to laugh beside him and took the picture. The beautician calmly pressed Shi Yan's hair back. This electric shock is really not a joke, when Yan cried out in pain, she tried a few times before giving up: "Let's go to do some regular beauty projects." Shi happened to promise and sent the film he had just taken to Lu Jingran: "Your wife said she was going to do an electric shock." Lu Jingran: ".." He saved the photos and posted them on his small micro-blog. My Wife Is the Sweetest: My Wife Won't Be Stupefied by Electricity [Picture] Lu Jingran's trumpet is no different from the tuba now. Many fans have set a special level for him. As soon as it is updated, his cuties come over. "Hahahahahaha hahaha hahaha xswl" "Hahahahahaha Teacher Lu has the ability to send tuba. Hahahahahaha [doge]" "I burst into laughter. Teacher Lu dares to blacken his wife like this now." Ha ha ha, I know this, electric shock thin face, I have done it! It really hurts! Ha ha ha ha! "I can't feel Mr. Lu's desire to survive at all. My husband is the most flirtatious." "My husband teases you most, your husband blackens you, hahahahaha, quick, beat him!" "Teacher Lu doesn't write love letters to his wife now. Has he blackened his wife?"! Man! When Yan leisurely to do the mask to play mobile phone, the mask on the face almost collapsed: "Shi Qiao, you sent my photos to Lu Jingran!"! He posted it on Weibo! "Ha ha!" Shiqiao's facial mask is about to collapse. "Large or small? I'll go and see." Shi Yan: "… …" Husband is not a husband, sister is not a sister! She sent a message to Lu Jingran on Wechat: "Husband, are you happy to send me a black photo? [Smile] I'm so angry now. I decided not to go to the mountains to play with you. I wish you a happy filming. [Smile]" After Lu Jingran received his wife's threat, he immediately deleted the micro-blog of the electric shock and sent a new one. My wife is the sweetest: Please treat as if nothing had happened. Ha ha hahahahaha Teacher Lu is too weak too fast! "No, I can't forget it!" Teacher Lu, don't be a coward! Also send a black photo of yourself to make everyone happy. Ha ha. "Teacher Lu is very naughty recently." "Teacher Lu flies bravely, and the little elk will always follow [doge]" After deleting it, Lu Jingran did not care about the comments of fans, but clicked on Shi Yan's WeChat: "Wife, I have deleted Weibo [cute] waiting for you to come [cute]." Shi Yan: "… …" Heh. She decided to go to the Internet to send Lu Jingran's ugly photos, revenge back, the results of the phone album, did not find one! Ugly! …… Husband is so perfect! Although she did not find Lu Jingran's ugly photos, after seeing so many handsome photos of Lu Jingran, she found herself calmed down. Good-looking people are really favored. When she finished her beauty treatment, she asked the driver to take them to dessert. Shi Qiao always felt that there was a conspiracy, followed her to the dessert shop, saw the man sitting by the window,magnesium nitrate hexahydrate, she all understood. Shi Yan waved to the man by the window and pulled Shi Qiao over: "My God, sister, isn't this your college classmate Ji Sibo?" 。
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