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Candle Dragon by Red Sheep

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  • Thinking of this, he hurriedly pulled up the birch words pressing on his body, and with a snap of his fingers, he changed a new shirt for the two of them. "Someone is coming!" "Mmm!" When Hua Yan, who was suddenly awakened by the disturbance, heard this, his expression changed, and he pressed the candle dragon back onto the bed. He shook his head and said, "It must be the divine generals who were sent by the Yellow Emperor to kill me when I broke into Heaven to seize the elixir. Their target is not you. As soon as I leave, you will be safe." What are you talking about? In this state of affairs, are you going to risk your life alone? The candle dragon frowned disapprovingly, who did not know how intimate his words were in the ears of the birch. You mean.. Do you want to be the opposite of me? Hua Yan could not help but show an ambiguous smile, very happy that his Yin finally responded to his love, but on the other hand, he did not want him to take risks with him, he hoped that he could live well, the rest … Let him carry it. Hearing this, the candle dragon suddenly blushed. "The pursuers are all here, but you're still.." If you're in the mood to tease me, why don't you go! Although the heart gas this evil immortal death does not change, but really want him to let him die alone,push back racking system, it is impossible! "Don't go, let me distract them!" Hua Yan restrained his joking appearance, patted the broad shoulder of the candle dragon, and then wanted to retreat and walk out of the cave. The candle dragon was not willing to let Hua Yan leave alone. He sat up and endured the discomfort of his lower body. He strode forward and grabbed him. He said coldly, "Didn't you say you wouldn't leave me?"? Are you lying to me again? The question of the candle dragon sounded like coquetry in Huayan's ears, which made him turn around softly and hold him tightly in his arms. I don't want you to get hurt again because of me. I don't want to see you either mentally or physically. Just listen to me this time! Stay here and I'll get rid of them and come back as soon as possible. No need! You think this is gonna keep me safe? If you want to compete with the gods outside with your present power, you'll undoubtedly be hitting a stone with an egg. Even if you distract them, don't forget that I'm also one of the targets that the Yellow Emperor wants to get rid of. If you want to go,push back racking system, you can go together. You have no choice! Candle dragon really can't help Huayan's self-assertion, the first unintentional deception is enough, this time he also wants to shoulder all the crimes, he thinks he has this ability? So naive! "Yin.." Hua Yan knew that Candle Dragon had said so much, but he didn't want to die alone. Moved, he had an impulse to kiss the man in front of him. If it hadn't been for the complicated footsteps approaching outside, he would have stopped the impulse, but he would have kissed him! The candle dragon blushed slightly, and pushed away Hua Yan, who was getting closer and closer, and said in a low voice, "Let's go!" Smiling, Hua Yan took Candle Dragon's big hand and quickly kissed him on the cheek. Before he could react, he pulled him out of the cave. Yin, now I don't have enough immortal power. I can only rely on your divine power to help me. Accompany me to Ruoyanshan! We'll be safe there. Originally wanted to scold birch words at such a critical moment is still so not serious candle dragon a listen, High Density Storage Drive In Rack ,medium duty racking, also awe-inspiring look to nod lightly, instead of pulling up birch words to fly in the air, snap fingers to call out the golden flame to lead the way, quickly followed by shuttle in the air. As soon as the gods who had chased them to the top of the mountain saw them, they jumped up and ran after them, shouting, "The sinners, Candle Dragon and Huayan, hurry up and be captured!" Birch words and candle dragons, however, galloped faster and faster as if they had never heard of them. Yin, your health should be all right, right? I really should not want you so many times, if really tired, leave me! I won't blame you. Hua Yan was not unaware of the slightly strange look of the candle dragon, and could not help but embrace his waist and gently press it, hoping to alleviate his discomfort. The candle dragon blushed and stared at Hua Yan with a pair of eyes of different colors. "Your mouth …" Can't you just say a few words? Hua Yan was stupefied, and then he kissed the face of the candle dragon with a light smile. He shut his mouth and said no more, so as not to make him angry. What if he was really cruel to leave him behind? He still plans to keep his life, and he is so stubborn that he is almost lovely with Yin! As soon as the gods in the rear saw the two people kissing me in front of them, they blushed more than the candle dragon. After all, they were in the very strict heaven. They had never seen such intimate things. Now, apart from feeling ashamed of them, they could only continue to follow behind, hoping that they would not do anything to surprise the gods. After a while, a group of gods came to a strange mountain one after the other. Not waiting for the gods to fall to the ground, they came forward to pursue him. Hua Yan hurriedly pulled the candle dragon, who was not feeling well, into the Ruoyan Mountain. Seeing this, the gods who hurriedly chased after him did not doubt that he was there, and they also followed him into the Ruoyanshan Mountain. But as soon as they entered the mountain, all their divine power seemed to be pulled away. As soon as their footsteps sank, they lost their ability to fly. While the God will be disturbed by his own situation, Hua Yan hurriedly pulled the candle dragon into the dark forest. After a while, he threw away the gods who were in a hurry. Along the way, the candle dragon followed Hua Yan in silence. The pain in his lower body and the sudden loss of his divine power made him sweat. Fortunately, the desperate running did not last long. Soon, Hua Yan led him to a door. Before they could make a sound, a voice suddenly came from inside the door and asked seriously. "Give me your name." "It's me." Huayan responded by taking advantage of the opportunity to pull the pale candle dragon to his side, holding his body, which looked a little weak, and rubbing his waist worriedly, knowing that the boundary here was a very heavy burden for a powerful God like him. In addition, he did not know how to restrain his demands before, so this trip must have exhausted him. Candle dragon instantly rose red face, seem to be unaccustomed to push away the hand of Hua Yan, just rely on him to breathe slightly. "It's the Birch Immortal!" The fox people inside the door recognized the voice of Hua Yan at once, and hurriedly opened the door and retreated to one side with a smile. "Please come in!" Hua Yan also piled up a coping smile and pulled the candle dragon,Automated warehouse systems, whose face was not very good-looking, into the room. "Would you like me to inform the Fox King that you have come to visit?" The fox clansman scratched the fox's ear and respectfully asked Hua Yan, who was anxious to leave.
      October 9, 2022 4:59 AM BST