What is the use of packing paper while packing goods for your move?

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    March 28, 2024 1:04 PM GMT

    Packing paper is most common used packaging material used for packing goods. It can be used to protect your goods from being damage during transportation. You can use to cover fragile items,glass, or wrapping certain household items. Here is list where you can use packing paper for moving goods.


    • Use packing paper to protect fragile items like crockery, glass,kitchen plates, mirror, paintings,etc.
    • Use packing paper to fill empty gaps in boxes so that your items won’t shake during transportation.
    • Use packing paper to cover electronics items, wrapping books,etc.
    • You can also covers sharp objects by wrapping them in packing paper.
    • Packing paper can be also used after shifting like covering floor
    • Packing paper can be used twice in your shifting process.

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