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Hillside Harmony was founded on the principles of Energy Medicine. We believe that everything is energetic, and we receive the most healing when we harmonize our energy. This is why our focus is primarily on vibrational healing techniques such as infrared and magnetic field therapy.When his beloved grandmother passed away, leaving him her house in Sedona, Arizona; Basil was called to move to this spiritual place. Initially he had planned to remodel it and rent it out but soon realized that Sedona had bigger plans for him than he could have ever imagined.

Sedona is renowned as one of the world's most concentrated areas of vortex energy. Its unique geological formations, red rock landscapes, and diverse energy vortexes make it a magnet for spiritual seekers, healers, and those on a path of self-discovery.

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  • Location Sedona, Arizona, United States [map]
  • Phone (928) 440-8552
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