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Torchlight Infinite Blacksail Beginners Guide Get More Flame El

  • Torchlight: Infinite is a successor to many's favorite ARPG franchises, and you're probably wondering how to become the best. Rare commodities in games of this genre will increase your ability to obtain powerful gear. Flame Elementium is an endgame currency reserved for the finest equipment: Here is How to Get Flame Elementium in Torchlight: Infinite.

    Trophies: Merchandise.

    In addition to equipment, trophies can include embers, crafting materials, oblivion waters, energy cores, fossils, and underworld resonance. Goods are required at all stages of the game, including endgame, so don’t miss out on any of them!


    There are over ten types of embers in the game. Embers are crafting materials, and their types determine affix directions during crafting, helping to improve the performance of certain aspects.

    Craft Materials

    There are currently 3 types of craft materials:

    Flaming dust – used to create items with 0-1 affixes.

    Flaming Sand – used to create items with 2-4 affixes.

    Flaming Elemental – very rare orange material, used to create items with 5-6 affixes.


    There are currently 2 types of Fossils:

    Acute Fossil — Grants higher probability to add a new affix during crafting.

    Spiral Fossil — Grants higher probability to generate affixes with higher tiers during crafting.

    Both types of Fossils are very rare and of Orange quality. Use them wisely.

    Water of Forgetting

    It's free to reset Talent before Lv.70, but it is not after Lv.70. Use Water of Forgetting to obtain 1 Talent Reset Point.

    Netherrealm Resonance

    Base affix to refresh Netherrealm Stages. It is widely used in late game.

    Make money by selling off items

    Interacting with the Auction House is the next stage in making money. Mid-game products can be sold for respectable sums of money. Fortunately, the game provides a pricing monitoring mechanism after you reach level 60 and can enter the Auction Houses.

    Any Legendary item with a high item level and level requirement should be evaluated for pricing. Someone might value rare things with high-tier affixes or rare affixes with higher item levels or prerequisite criteria. Some unusual Embers you come across, such as Restless Embers and Ominous Embers, can also be sold.

    Auction House

    This actually goes hand-in-hand with our above point, but you want to earn a steady stream of Flame Elementium by trading items to other players. Fortunately, you should receive a steady stream of tradable items from the above farming method.

    You unlock the Auction House at level 60, at which point you want to try and sell as much legendary equipment in there as possible. Unless you’re dedicated to crafting, you can also get away with selling crafting resources that you don’t need as well.

    Fate cards and memory fragments

    Memory fragments are easily found in Torchlight infinite, especially when clearing maps. Collect all of the pieces and keep them in your inventory until you have completed all of the game maps. After that, go to the spacetime wanderer and sell all of the fragments to him in exchange for some legendary gear. He also trades fragments for cash and other valuables. These objects are worthwhile to acquire because they may be sold at the auction house whenever you choose.

    Trait Cards and Mapping

    This will be a surprise to you, but mapping and using your trait cards go hand in hand with Flame Elementium. If you get things right and are really lucky, you can earn a good amount of currency in a short time. For this method to work, get a good build in Torchlight Infinite to deal with tier five or other high-tier maps without wasting your time. If you clear more maps in one hour, you will earn more Torchlight:Infinite Currency . Below are the trait cards that you should unlock in the first place and add to your trait deck for maximum benefit.

    Magic, rare, or any other doughty card

    Sharp lets you convert rare gear to flame fuel

    Generous as it increases your chances of upgrading the flame fuel that you got from drops

    Although this is optional, try to have some compasses in the bag as they increase the number of gears that you get from each drop, increase the number of rare monsters, increases the number of flame fuel drops, and increase the overall rarity of the drop.

    You should aim for more than one-hundred-percent rarity when rolling the map for quantity value and high rarity. Start fresh in an area on the map and place the three above-mentioned cards on the map to start the fun. To run the map, start with the doughty card.

    Afterward, move to the sharp card and use the generous card in the end. You have to combine the generous card with compasses to increase the rarity and quantity of drops from the map. The main goal is converting all those extra pieces to flame fuel that can then be converted to flame Elementium.

    Although this method works on tier five and above maps, you should use this on tier seven or tier eight maps because of their high quantity and rarity. The second method is to go for the path of the brave tier to earn flame Elementium. Same as above, opt for high tiers to get loot and raw flame Elementium.

    Purchase Some Online

    Torchlight equipment with five to six affixes can be created using infinite Flame Elementium. To increase the quality of the equipment, players must have a lot of Flame Elementium. You may buy risk-free Torchlight: Infinite Flame Elementium on the exchange site, which offers cheap Torchlight:Infinite Currency For Sale security and dependability.