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Upgrading to Underfloor Heating: A Guide for Homeowners with Co

  • Are you tired of your cold and inefficient heating system? Looking for a solution that will keep your home warm and comfortable all year round? Consider upgrading to underfloor heating with!


    Underfloor heating is becoming an increasingly popular choice for homeowners, thanks to its many benefits. Unlike traditional radiators that take up valuable wall space and create hot and cold spots in the room, underfloor heating provides a consistent and even heat throughout your home. It also eliminates the need for unsightly radiators, allowing you to enjoy a more streamlined and modern aesthetic.


    But how does underfloor heating fitter work, and what do you need to know before upgrading your home? In this guide, we'll walk you through the basics of underfloor heating and explain why Co dunkall is the go-to provider for floor screeding and underfloor heating in Norfolk.


    Getting Started: Choosing the Right Floor for Underfloor Heating


    Before you can install underfloor heating in your home, you need to choose the right type of flooring. Underfloor heating works best with materials that conduct heat well, such as tile, stone, and engineered wood. These materials allow the heat to transfer efficiently from the underfloor heating system to your home, providing a warm and comfortable environment.


    Carpet and vinyl flooring are not ideal for use with underfloor heating, as they can act as insulators, preventing the heat from transferring efficiently. If you're set on using these materials, it's important to choose a low tog rating carpet or vinyl to ensure maximum efficiency from your underfloor heating system.


    Once you've chosen the right type of flooring, you'll need to prepare your subfloor for installation. This is where comes in - we specialize in floor screeding and can provide the perfect base for your new flooring and underfloor heating system.


    Liquid Floor Screed: The Key to Efficient Underfloor Heating


    Liquid floor screed is a type of flooring material that's specifically designed for use with underfloor heating. It's a self-leveling compound that's poured onto your subfloor and then smoothed out to create a perfectly level and even surface. Liquid floor screed is highly efficient at transferring heat, making it the perfect choice for use with underfloor heating systems. Visit us for more information :- concrete flooring cambridgeshire


    At, we're experts in liquid floor screed installation. Our team will work closely with you to ensure that your subfloor is prepared to the highest standard, ready for the installation of your new underfloor heating system.


    Why Choose for Floor Screeding and Underfloor Heating in Norfolk?


    At, we have over 30 years of experience in the construction industry. We specialize in floor screeding and underfloor heating, and we're proud to be one of the leading providers in Norfolk and the surrounding areas.


    Our team of skilled professionals are dedicated to providing the highest quality service, from initial consultation to installation and beyond. We use only the best materials and equipment, ensuring that your new flooring and underfloor heating system will provide years of efficient and reliable service.