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5 Medical Supplies That Every Household Should Have

  • Regardless of your age and health condition, every household must have medical supplies in stock. However what you stock depends on your condition and prescriptions. Imagine a senior or patient at home who can’t walk but have all the medicines they need. Peace of mind. Isn't it? 

    Having medical supplies at home makes a real difference because injuries, emergencies and accidents can happen anywhere and anytime. Don't know what to stock? Well, here are some must-have medical supplies that you must keep in stock. 


    • Medical Thermometers


    Medical thermometers are handy medical instruments that everyone must have at home. It helps measure body temperatures and is best suitable to identify fevers and other health concerns. Thermometers are much needed especially in the months of monsoon and winter when there are huge chances of cold and flu. 


    • First-Aid-Kit


    Every household must have a first aid-kit for emergencies. It acts as a lifesaver especially when hospital assistance takes time to reach. A first aid kit must have all necessary and high-quality medical supplies and hygiene products. This includes antibiotics, bandages, instant cold pack, burn gel, scissors, pain relief, CPR mask, gloves, gauge and other medicines as prescribed. Add other items as required and make sure to keep the well stocked. A first aid kit is best suitable for all situations such as while traveling, at home, in hospitals, in a car, etc. 


    • Eyewash


    Even though always overlooked, eyewash is another medical item that everyone must keep. From indoors, and outdoors to the workplace, eye injuries are very common. Eyewash and contact solutions really make a huge difference. The best part is that these tiny bottles are handy. Besides, if you don’t have an eyewash, you can opt for contact lens solutions as well as artificial tear drops. 


    • Emergency Blanket 


    Another name on the list of must-have medical supplies is an emergency blanket. These are helpful in keeping a person warm, especially during cold weather. These work best for shock or trauma and hypothermia. In addition to providing complete comfort to patients, it also keeps other supplies warm. 


    • Medical Humidifier


    Medical humidifiers are another essential that leaves a positive impact on your health. Additionally, it also enhances the comfort in homes. Do you know how humidity increases the chances of spreading diseases? Yes, this is why humidifiers are worth the investment as they protect your eyes, throat, skin as well as furniture. 

    Benefits of Having Medical Supplies in Stock at Home 

    From medical supplies to hygiene products, having these at home in stock is really beneficial for every individual. Talking about the benefits, here are some:

    • Home medical supplies offer patients comfort and peace of mind along with saving the expense. 
    • It helps and keeps people motivated to live a healthy life. 
    • Having the necessary tools helps to diagnose illness early. They also give an accurate report and help in keeping track of recovery. 
    • Medical supplies can also save the life of a person during an emergency by offering instant treatment.
    • Another benefit is that it increases patient safety and wellness both physically and mentally. 

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