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How To Store Medical Supplies At Home Properly?

  • Every home must have medical supplies because injuries and emergencies are always unexpected. But it is also very important to ensure that medical supplies are kept in proper condition. If not, they can pose dangers to both the environment as well as people. 

    It can also lead to medical complications. Moreover, if fallen into the wrong hands like children or drug addicts, it can lead to more severe or legal issues. So wondering how to store your medicines? Well here are some of the safest ways to store your medical supplies. 

    4 Steps to Follow While Storing Medical Supplies at Home

    Step 1: Store 

    Be it first aid materials, medical equipment or prescribed medicines, the best way to store them is to lock them up. The best options are using a safe, organizer, lockable box or cabinet. Organizers are best for items such as bottles and boxes as they are also helpful when traveling. 

    Besides, always remember to store your medicines in a dark, dry place where sunlight and moisture can't reach. For instance, if you're planning to store in kitchen cabinets, make sure it is not located near the sink or stove. Wondering why? These areas reduce medicine's potency due to heat and steam. 

    Step 2: Monitor 

    The next step for proper storing is to monitor. Always monitor and keep track of medicines. Talk with your kids and teens about the dangers of taking medicines that are not prescribed or about dosages. 

    Labelling is also a good way of monitoring your medical supplies. Also, remember to declutter items that are no longer in use and throw away supplies that have expired as they're completely unsafe.

    Step 3: Categorize 

    The next step is to categorize. The best way is to store medicines together and then label them individually. This makes it easy to find and grab the medicine you or your family members need. 

    Another way of categorizing is by grouping supplies based on the ailments. For instance, store your cough pills apart from pills for heart disease. 

    Step 4: Dispose Of 

    Proper storage of medical supplies involves proper disposal too. No longer need a specific medicine? Why store? Imagine someone eating a medicine that has already expired. 

    Therefore, you must always choose to dispose of it safely such as asking your nearby medical supply store about where to dispose of it or drug mail back, etc.

    Best Medicine Organization Ideas 

    Now that you know how to store your medicines properly, here are organization ideas you should know too:


    • Drawer Dividers


    Drawer Dividers are a great way to store medical supplies like pills, tape and small boxes. By making individual compartments or using plastic containers, you can prevent items from becoming clutter. The best part is that every medicine will have its spot. 


    • Photo Organizer 


    Another best option for storing medicines is using a photo organizer. These are best for items like bandaids, creams, lotions, pills, etc. Photo compartments are great as they help in distinguishing between different kinds of medicines. 


    • First-Aid Kit


    Another proper way is to create a first-aid kit for yourself. These are the most helpful and can be used anywhere and anytime. It can hold all emergency medical supplies and is easily accessible. You can purchase from your nearby medical supply store or even online. 


    • Clear Plastic Bins


    Another best way to keep your medicines organized is by storing them in clear plastic bins. These are very helpful for people of all ages as these bins are visible and you can grab items without any confusion. Just remember to label your bins for better maintenance   

    Do's and Don'ts when Storing Medicines 

    To make sure all your medicines and medical supplies are stored in the best manner, here are some do's and don'ts to follow:

    1) Do's

    • Always keep your medicine in a dry and cool place. 
    • Always keep your medicines inside their original containers. 
    • After using, remember to reseal your medicine bottles. 
    • Dispose of your expired medicines most safely. 
    • Customize a medicine box. 
    • If using the refrigerator, make sure it is set at the right temperature.
    • Before throwing away medicine containers, always remove your personal information. 

    2) Don'ts

    • Don't expose your medicines to extreme temperatures. 
    • Don't consume expired or damaged medicines. 
    • Never consume discoloured pills.  
    • Never flush your medicines down the toilet. 
    • Don't share medicines with everyone. 

    Also, check out these guidelines before you plan to purchase medical supplies.

    Organize your Medicine Collection Safely 

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