Everone.life Muscle Pharm - Assault Pre-Workout 32 servings

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  • Demand a clinically proven pre-workout formula.

    MusclePharm Assault is the most researched pre-workout out there because we are a company of athletes. We want to feed our bodies the best and pass our expertise on to other athletes. Multiple studies prove that 1 serving helps increase strength, aerobic and anaerobic performance. Assault meets NSF and Informed Choice product standards and is safe for kidney and liver function, even in chronic use cases. Superior Ingredients, Super Results. Con-cret: Assault is the only pre-workout formula to use this clinically-proven and patented version of creatine. Astragin: Patented ginseng extract, lowers blood glucose levels, increases creatine/arganine absorption and ATP production. Cinnulin: Heightens absorption of creatine, arginine, vitamins and other ingredients launch directly into muscles. (*Both workhorse substances also burn body fat while adding muscle, for a leaner, fuller physique.) BCAAS: “Concentrated” formulas hit hard, and then leave you hanging.