Everone.life Ultimate Sofa cum Bed - Useful in Living Room & Bedroom

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  • PRODUCT_POSTED_ON: Jan 08, 2013
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  • Description : The Ultimate Sofa cum Bed - Useful in Living Room & Bedroom is a Home Decor product, This one is Inflatable Sofa, Quick to inflate, Made up from High Quality durable material, Design for comfort, Hassle free storage, Environment friendly one. Open Size 76" x 60" x 25" and has Convenient Folding Design Sturdy coil-beam construction and has Multifunctional Use As:- Sofa, Lounge, Recliner Sofa, Single Bed, Double Bed With Carry Bag and Heavy Duty Repair Punch. Has Elegant Design, Comfortable for 2 Person, Easy to assemble and disassemble, Comfortable, easy to store and quick to inflate. Ideal for watching movies, relaxing in leisure time. Convenient both for indoor and outdoor use. Air pump to inflate sofa, Powerful, Durable & Light Weight. Has 2 Nozzle Adapters, Electric Power Adapter, easy to carry & Store. Has On/Off Switch.

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  • Weight 2.9 kgs