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  • Besides the back button and home button, as an iOS dev vs an android dev you have basically two distinctions when developing on either frameworks. The distinction can be summed up...  more
    Last post by odobasi cadel - Aug 9
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  • The cost of having a mobile application depends on several factors: the app category, platform selection, number of functionalities, complexity, the country of acquiring services,...  more
    Last post by can dy - Wed at 9:23 AM
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  • Currently Using Nokia Lumia 535, yes it is an old phone but I like its feel in hand and grip. it is Lil bit slow but that's finer with me, I just have to receive or dial the call....  more
    Last post by Jenny Kelvin - Sep 17
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  • Yes. An experienced developer of mobile app development company based in Hamilton reveals that interactive ads are quite popular among brands as they are quite good in amplifying...  more
    Last post by Kate Williams - Sep 14
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  • CHARLOTTE, N.C. (AP) — At the moment that the Panthers contain shed 7 specifically game titles and consist of been formally taken off in opposition to playoff rivalry, the most...  more
    Last post by Bodine gad - November 17, 2020
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  • "At least," says Kemp."No. We've got a fantastic idea of?? What our gamers are searching for and MTX does not belong there, unless they change their mind, there'll be no...  more
    Last post by Bessie Watts - Feb 9
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