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  • Description : Illustration Techniques- Izzy's Logic of Light and Color Ep18 Once more, let’s dive into the process of making an illustration from scratch! This time we will take a different route and learn a whole new set of tricks and tools to get the job done EVEN faster! In this video we take an illustration concept to completion! This time the piece is actually a real honest-to-goodness professional work, recorded on the job, for an actual assignment! The final can be found in the Magic: The Gathering card game under the title, Silverfur Partisan! In this one, I teach you how I shave time off the image making process by approaching everything we’ve learned in an even more trimmed down manner! Designed to save time. money, and effort! This episode explains concepts covered in the complete series of Izzy’s Logic of Light and Color so far, and shows you how to put them into practice!! This video will cover: Fast approaches to developing depth, and lighting in your composition. How to keep your illustration organized to vastly improve your speed and narrow your intent as you work! Simple Photoshop layering to help keep organized layers from affecting each other! This episode builds on concepts covered in the complete Izzy's Logic of Light and Color Series. For future installments of this Series join me on PATREON where monthly pledges are only $10+ and you can get all sorts of extra loot and help with your study of painting and understanding light. Patrons also get a monthly discount code of 25% on the Gumroad Archive!!! Included in this pack: Episode 18- Illustration Techniques (c. 01:02) Wolfir1.psd a working PSD Izzy-brushes.abr