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  • The same was true for Naxxramas. Why would WOW TBC Gold I invest so much effort and effort and also gold, to eliminate KT while I can keep waiting until TBC to acquire better gear for less effort? This was the main issue with gear. They solved it by using mounts. Blizzard has a knack of making you feel like you're just wasting your time. They then drop sub-numbers and then they get rid of their anti-QoL mechanisms after the game is already dead.

    Actually, 9.1.5 is only 9.0 It's actually 9.0, but it's now fixed. This means that the new content won't appear on the game until 9.2 which ought to be the original 9.1. This is the reason why many players don't want to resubscribe for 9.1.5. The actual content will not be available until 9.2 after which you'll be able play it using the fixed system to play it.

    The daily schedule would be mandatory for if TBC was created by 2021 the blizzard. They'd be tied to the character's power and if you didn't do them, you'd be in the same position as everyone else. The power you'll gain through heroics, and you'll feel obligated to be online doing them every day even when you're playing t6 bis.

    There's no way to tell. What? Also , glad mounts were equipped with armored netherdrakes. So 2 sources of netherdrakes.

    The mounts with the skytongue and kara mounts were also offered. They all had distinctive models, except for kara mount, which was essentially an animal with fangs.

    Ok look I feel you. For real I get it. The TBC reps also feel important. Just once you've done it, you'll have access to all the heroics you'll need. There are some items that can be extremely valuable If you repeat the same thing and that's why some cannot be replaced easily.

    Exactly. It's easy to feel as if you're getting Frenzied Feltalondespite the fact that it is just a recoloring of two mounts. While the color change is small, it doesn't take away the massive difference in difficulty. In addition, with the numerous recolors for some mounts, they tend to mix together and you don't care whether you're playing the extremely difficult one or the freebie. Because when their cheap Burning Crusade Classic Gold relationship is close it's worthless to buy the unusual mount actually declines, since the freebie's price cannot increase even if it appears to be a rare or rare mount.