Everone.life Phase 1 gear is definitely more dull, as compared to phase

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  • Trinkets from Healer are rather uninspiring P1. I'm still using Essence of the Martyr and Rejuv Gem as my main choice gem, and WOW TBC Gold I only switch Rejuv Gem out for Eye of Gruul on Mag garbage or (formerly) Blue Dragon on Nightbane. There's Bangle and Warp-Scarab broochs, and Bangle. However, neither of them is an incredibly powerful piece.

    They can be replaced but you'll still have to meet the requirements for expertise since the 2 offset legs and the 5 legs do not possess 22 expertise. The majority of pallys are in agreement that they'll be used for a period of time.

    If you're able to get all three and are human you take the pants off for a bit, but it is recommended to hold on to them to act as a transition piece while you are gearing in p3. It's not entirely clear how non-humans handle it. Maybe they don’t wear them at all.

    The healing mace "Trauma" for my resto shaman .... being able to watch the screen turn green and the smallest of heals going out .... it was my jam.

    Edit Trauma, Glowing Twilight Slope because the chain heal is considered a straight healing, even on the following hops. I could literally heal 20 raid players in one go.

    Edit Edit: The 4 pieces of tier 10 armor that allowed your target to receive chain heal crits also got healed for an additional 25% over time. This also added to the incredible results you can obtain as a shaman of the resto.

    Chainheal is not gear dependent. But , holy moly did having this technology make it an absolute game changer. It can transform you from to a "really good healer " to straight-up "god-tier"

    Phase 1 gear is definitely more dull, as compared to phase 1 Classic, where you had a very small amount of options, you have a bigger selection of loot items to choose from or farm for. I had two healing weapons throughout the course of Classic cause the KT Hammer didn't drop. It's only phase one however, I had many choices to choose from every phase features different healing weapons. Every upgrade, regardless of the fact that there aren't any famous items such as buy WOW Classic Burning Crusade Gold Benediction or the Xerox will bring good memories back.