Everone.life RuneScape hasn't survived for more than 20 years

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  • A cursory Google search of either term brings up hundreds of OSRS gold websites, some of which have one of the terms in their URLs, and that provide the currency of RuneScape in exchange for real money. It was announced on Wednesday, October 13, that Jagex announced that it was ending the practice of "real-world trading". On its blog "The RuneScape Team" explained that "gold purchased through RWT transactions in the real world can be a problem in any online game that has a trading currency."

    Jagex promises to have to send "messages to those who we've identified as being involved within RWT" within "the coming hours". "For those who have been involved, we'd like to make it clear that this is your single und only caution," it added.

    Additionally, it was announced it was going to be a PvP feature, Duel Arena, would see sweeping changes that included an increased enforcement of game's code of conduct in order to promote more positive playing. Jagex affirms that the feature "has been a trigger that has led to the toxic behavior".

    Before that, however what the publisher calls "short-term measures" are in place "until our development teams are able to complete a major overhaul that fully replaces the Duel Arena in the coming year."

    Are you sure RuneScape worth it to play in 2022?

    RuneScape hasn't survived for more than 20 years due to it being an average game that does not have any commitments for the long haul. As an MMORPG, it's part of an industry that seems to be constantly on the verge of dying out, despite the success of a handful of games.

    So, as we enter the 21st year of RuneScape's existence, is it still the premier free-to-play MMORPG? Does it justify the expense for a paid membership? Shortly... Do you think RuneScape worth it to play in 2022? Let's take a look...

    Yes, RuneScape is still as popular as it ever was with more than 100,000 players playing at peak times throughout the time of the day. More than 2.5 million accounts are made over the last two decades and , while some may be not active today, a large portion of buy OSRS GP those are still operating.