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  • At the Ardougne market, shoppers can spot tables selling baked goods. These tables are where we can take cakes which can get us very fast from level 5 to RuneScape gold level 20. These cakes are great for Ironman characters since they heal 12 health points per cake, so should you be an Ironman ensure you bring them to your account. In some cases, you might be snatched by the guards and need to run away or shoot him in order to continue.

    As with the previous method, we will be stealing from the silk market in Ardougne. This time , our focus is on sellers of silk who are in the same area as bakers. It is worth noting that this can result in a simple profit since it is possible to sell silks to the silk dealer in Al'Kharid.

    To begin this process, you need 15% favor at the Hosidius house. While it may appear like a waste of time doing this just to get inside however it's not. This method is twice as quick and is superior to any other activity that is available during training at these levels.

    Before starting, make sure to trap two guarding dogs in the house to ensure that they won't interrupt you and repeat the process each time you start over in this spot. It's important to mention that when you have reached stage 30, you'll unlock Feud quest which will be required later on to unlock blackjacking. This quest also rewards players who have at least 15k thieving points, which is definitely something you should do.

    Like the other methods, we'll not be taking. If you've completed the Feud quest, and gain 45 you can start to Blackjack. This method requires you to knock down an NPC and pickpocketing him two times before he awakes. After OSRS Membership you've reached level 45 you should concentrate on bearded bandits to 55. You should then steal from non-bearded ones who wield scimitars.