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  • Description : One of the main goals is the development of the student as a person, instilling in him leadership qualities, the ability to negotiate and other skills necessary in business.
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  • What and how to tell about yourself

    One of the main goals is the development of the student as a person, instilling in him leadership qualities, the ability to negotiate and other skills necessary in business. Therefore, our commission will be interested to learn more information about you, your life priorities and aspirations. In the self-presentation block, you can describe the following:

    It is advisable to mention the qualities that are needed to achieve success in the chosen area, and compare them with your own (naturally in a positive way). To write this well, you must be creative in order to write your qualities. With the help of write my essay you can write it competently. Using examples from your own experience is very much encouraged;

    Highlight your positive human qualities. Again, feel free to provide examples;
    List your hobbies, especially if they can somehow help you in your professional development. If you are a writer describe it like that. To describe it well, use  https://bidforwriting.com/write-my-essay  which helps to write the text correctly. So you can write very colorfully what you like to do at your leisure;
    An important point is to mention those qualities in the development of which you are very interested by studying in this program;

    Try to find a balance between self-admiration and objectivity. Well, of course, do not belittle your merits in any way.

    You can select the positive qualities indicated in the essay as follows. First, make an extensive list, including all the possible options. Then analyze carefully and leave in it 4-6 points that represent you at your best.To get some practice on this take a look https://bidforwriting.com/thesis-statement-writer  how experienced writers do it. This will teach you how to correctly describe the positive qualities.

    What are the most common mistakes when writing motivation letters?
    Specialists from one of the largest universities in the United States, Cornell University, conducted an interesting study to identify the most common mistakes when writing this type of essay. As a result, the following points were identified:
    Too melodramatic presentation and too much narcissism;
    Frequent use of hackneyed, generalized phrases;
    Achievements posted dry list. You can make such a list for yourself, for further selection of the best options. But in the letter, everything should have a more detailed look.
    Frequent use of slang phrases;
    Spelling errors (spelling, grammar);
    Too long and wrapped sentences. It should be borne in mind that the reviewers will read a large number of such letters per day. So the presentation should be as comfortable to read as possible.

    We hope that the above tips from our experts will help you write a competent essay that can dump any commission on the spot. The Agrokebety training program for agribusiness will also be glad to receive your interesting motivation letter.

    The agricultural sector is now in dire need of high-quality personnel, offering in return high wages and great prospects for professional development. We invite people of any age who have a certificate of education to study. For admission, in addition to an essay, you must pass a unified entrance exam in a foreign language.

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