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  • Description : This blog details Details About Anti-Plagiarism Systems


  • The anti-plagiarism system detects:

    • clones of theses,
    • borrowing excerpts from reference sources,
    • fragments semantically similar to texts in reference sources (regardless of the word order in a phrase),
    • changing the style of writing a work,
    • substitution of characters derived from an alphabet other than the language of the work, hidden special characters and other possible manipulations with the font to mask borrowings.


    The program is also able to recognize hidden plagiarism, that is, one where the author uses paraphrasing. The system, although not 100%, is still insensitive to changes in the order of sentences, words, the size of letters or punctuation marks. It practically requires using only the best writing services like write my papers if you wish to get a high grade. The program cleans the analyzed text, builds unambiguous sets of words, separate tokens and works with them.


    The case of plagiarism in any case can come to light when comparing "new" works with works of previous years on the same or similar topics. What is worth knowing? Misappropriation of authorship, or distortion of information about the authorship of all or part of someone else's work, is the basis for the mandatory initiation of an investigation procedure. This means that https://writemypapers.company/buy-argumentative-essay/ might be of interest to students looking for a solution. In the case of university graduates, when plagiarism is found in the thesis, which is the basis for conferring a professional title, the diploma is invalidated.


    According to the order, all universities are required to check written bachelor's, engineering, master's and doctoral dissertations for plagiarism before accepting them for defense. This means you should look at https://writemypapers.company/buy-persuasive-essay if you're experiencing troubles. This obligation does not apply to works protected in the past. Works containing classified information are not considered in anti-plagiarism systems, but works containing commercial secrets are checked. Their content is stored in a database with anti-plagiarism report only, and only authorized persons have access to them. This is important information for graduates who are preparing a job commissioned by a business.


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