Everone.life The 4-3-1-2 in FIFA 22 will be able to help you achieve a good ball control effect

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  • Description : 4-3-1-2 is the same as any formation in FIFA 22. It can be used to achieve both defensive and offensive methods.


  • The players you have and the way you want to play on the court will largely determine the best formation for FUT in FIFA 22. And a good FUT formation will determine the direction of victory in a game. Today is to explain Custom Tactics about 4-3-1-2.

    4-3-1-2 is the same as any formation in FIFA 22. It can be used to achieve both defensive and offensive methods. But ball-control-based games will achieve good results by using this formation, allowing you to knock the ball FUT 22 Coins down by taking advantage of the midfield's overload. Similarly, although you can instruct your full-backs to keep back on offense to ensure defense, this will result in you basically having no width, so letting them overlap may be what you want.

    Because this formation pays much attention to ball control, "Slow Build Up" or the creation of opportunities based on ball control will achieve good results. When you are chasing the game, in this formation, because there are two forwards on the field, you can rush forward and have a good chance of breaking through the opponent's defense.

    In addition, you can do many things by using CM. You can arrange one of them to keep backing when attacking, and then arrange the other two to keep balance, which will bring very good results. Of course, if you are worried that you FUT Coins lack sufficient offensive support during the game, then you can choose to assign one of the other two CMs to Get Forward, but this method is only suitable for you when you need a goal, otherwise it will Would not recommend you to use this method:

        Defensive Style: Balanced
        Width: 55
        Depth: 50

        Build Up Play: Slow Build Up
        Chance Creation: Possession
        Width: 55
        Players in Box: 4
        Corners: 2
        Free Kicks: 2

    The types and functions of each formation are different. It is important to use a good formation in the game, but good players are also the cornerstone of a team. So players need to extract those high-rated players to join those formations. However, the higher the rating of the player card, the more difficult it will be to draw, so more FIFA 22 Coins will be required. And UTnice is well aware of the needs of players and provides a large number of preferential FIFA 22 Coins for each player, thus solving the problems of players.