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  • When is the Madden 22 release date? That’s a question that fans all over the globe have on the tips of their tongues. So where is the new game? The simple fact is that we don’t know. We do have some idea of when it could land though. So let’s talk about that. There’s no official cover athlete for Madden 22 yet either, so fans are stuck kind of waiting to see how things turn out. To all of these questions and more, there are things to consider.

    Madden 22 Release DateEA says the Madden 22 release date will land sometime in Q2. EA’s Q2 stretches from July to September.

    The Madden 22 release date will likely land in August ahead of the NFL season. The 2021 NFL season is set to begin on September 9th, but Madden 22 will almost certainly be out weeks before that date.

    For reference, Madden 20 arrived on August 2nd while Madden 21 hit last-generation consoles (Xbox One, PS4) and Windows PC on August 28th.

    EA then released an upgraded version of Madden 22 for current-generation consoles (PS5 and Xbox Series X) on December 4th. The game landed for Google Stadia on January 28th, 2021.

    The company could use a staggered release approach this year, but there’s a good chance the Madden 22 release date is the same for Xbox One, PS4, Xbox Series X, PS5, and Windows PC.

    Madden 22 Cover Athlete

    We've all been hearing Derek Henry that's been the rumor that was the photo leak that we saw in gamestop, and in the previous years the same photo league wound up being the cover athlete for that year's game. There's been no confirmation that it is him either it's still kind of up in the air a lot of the rumors still point to it being Derek Henry also people saying because he did have a great year and we haven't had a running back on the cover in a while which does make sense, he also wears number 22 and this is Madden 22, a lot of signs still point to Derek Henry. However, you have to keep in mind in terms of at least the leaked gamestop photos, in those previous years when the leaked photos wound up being the actual cover athlete. The cover athletes those years were a lot more obvious after the year mahomes had a couple years back, it was a no-brainer that they would want him to be on the cover same thing with Lamar Jackson after the crazy year he had, there was no like surprise that that's who they wanted to be on the cover. This year, however it's a little bit more of a toss-up, there's no definite guaranteed player that they would put on the cover this year, so a lot of people are pointing to Derek Henry, but just keep in mind that it might not be him but so far it does look like that is the cover athlete.

    Madden 22 ratings

    The announcement of official Madden 22 ratings will be a mammoth element of the game’s pre-release press campaign, which you can expect in late July or early August. That doesn’t stop us from speculating, however.

    Madden 22 Features Everyone Wants to See

    The majority of features revolve around the continued pressure put on by fans wanting to see changes made to Madden’s Franchise Mode. Fans of Franchise mode feel like they aren’t getting nearly the same level of depth or engagement compared to other sports games like NBA 2K or FIFA.

    So, we have comprised a variety of features they hope to see implemented in Madden 22. The primary features everyone wants to see are more presentation production, a coaching carousel/skill trees, and improved scouting.

    Madden 22 Trailer

    The trailer hasn’t been released yet, but EA plans to call investors on earnings in May. Historically, EA has chosen to combine investor meetings and marketing campaigns to notify both financial supporters and customers in a nearly consistent manner. Many expect the next Battlefield to be revealed in May’s earnings announcement, but EA could also start talking publicly about Madden 22. Immediately, I’ll include the trailer here.

    If EA doesn’t open up for Madden 22 there, there’s no doubt that it will be shown at EA Play Live or a showcase adjacent to a similar E3 later this summer. Madden’s marketing window has shrunk over the years. Perhaps the game is selling in nature, and EA wants to encourage players to spend in-game money on Madden 21 for as long as possible, so it’s not unprecedented if publishers remain. Thailand trip only 8-9 weeks before release.

    That's the latest news of Madden 22 we've know yet, plus other key additions that we’ll reveal as we get deeper into the year for Madden NFL 22 development season. we hope EA Sports will bring more surprises to us in Madden NFL 22. And https://www.igvault.com/madden-22-coins will still here offer you the NFL 22 Coins to help you enjoy a better gaming time!