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  • Description : Path of Exile for this week is:The Exiled Tribune is a good, meaty publication, with information on upcoming v2. 4x patches as well as changes to the game's difficulty levels in preparation for the release of v3. 0 in 2017.

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  • Path of Exile for this week is:The Exiled Tribune is a good, meaty publication, with information on upcoming v2. 4x patches as well as changes to the game's difficulty levels in preparation for the release of v3. 0 in 2017.  In addition, there's a nice update from the community fan art competition, as well as the build of the week and other interesting news to share with you all.  Relax and enjoy the view from your favorite chair.

    Microtransaction videos for the Carnage Mystery Box in Path of Exile 2, as well as the Darkness Mystery Box

    Some of the Mystery Boxes that are now available in the store are demonstrated in a series of cool videos, which have been added to the store to demonstrate their contents.  The Darkness Mystery Box, which includes the Gloom Armor Set, the Obsidian Seraph Armor Set, Gloom Wings, and Gloom Herald, is particularly noteworthy for those who enjoy channeling their inner goth.

    Also on display are the Reaper's Spectral Throw, the Boar Hood Helmet, the Stag Hood Helmet, the Bear Hood Helmet, the Carnage Shield and Wings, and the Gore Portal, among other items.

    What's going on in the Path of Exile Community

    The Atlas of Worlds Fan Art Competition is currently in full swing, and the website has been updated to include examples of some of the incredible work that has been submitted so far by the community.  The contest asks participants to create armor sets based on a variety of different types (you can see the full list here).  The contest will be open until October 10th path of exile currency.
    Several submissions are highlighted on the update page, and it is well worth your time to go take a look at them.  You can find out more about them here.
    The Build of the Week for this week comes from the community as well.  The build, which comes to us from djnat, is titled Mistress of Agony and revolves around a Level 93 Ascendant Scion who is a full-fledged Destructible-Object specialist.
    For starters, this is an entirely chaos-based character who relies on the spreading of a single-target damage-over-time skill called Essence Drain to survive.  Contagion, another damage-over-time skill with a large area of effect radius, is responsible for the spread of the disease. . The mechanics are straightforward: you contagion an area, then target the mob that is most likely to be the weakest in that area and fire an ED bullet in its direction.  When it dies, the entire Contagion area will be affected by both Contagion and Essence Drain dot damage, which will spread throughout the entire area.  The free poison from Cospri's Will increases the single target damage dealt by the spell.  It's the equivalent of having a 7 link on the toughest rares, uniques, and bosses.
    You can read about the Mistress of Agony in the text version, or you can watch her in action in the video below.

    Patches for Path of Exile v2. 4x are on the way.

    Grinding Gear does an excellent job of providing information about upcoming patches well in advance of the actual release date of the patch.  Players will learn about the v2. 4x patches in the most recent patch update post, as well as get a general idea of what to expect from each and when they might be released.
    In a nutshell:
    Sextant enhancements will be included in version 2. 4.  1.
    2. 4.  2 adds a trio of Channeling system skills to the mix, as well as improvements to the overall quality of life and bug fixes.
    The release of 2. 4.  3 is significant because it brings DirectX 11 support for 64-bit systems.  If a system is capable of running DX11, it will be the default option once it has been installed.
    All of these patches serve as preparation buy poe orbs‚Äč for version 2. 5. 0, which the team hopes to release in December and which will include a new Challenge League as well as some super secret features that the developers are not revealing at this time.
    Check out The Plan for Upcoming 2. 4.  x Patches for the complete set of details.
    Furthermore, a brief design manifesto was published to inform players that difficulty levels will be reduced from fifteen to ten when version 3. 0 is released in 2017, which will be the fifth act of Path of Exile.
    We'd like to confirm that our plan for 3. 0. 0 reduces the core game to a total of ten acts before the end-game, as previously stated.  Changes of this nature have a significant impact on the levels at which maps and other systems begin, which is why Act Five is required to keep character progression as consistent as possible.