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  • You get collab items using paid currency to Phantasy Star Online 2 Meseta purchase scratch tickets. They're totally cosmetic so you do not want it at all to play the game, it is just some thing to inspire players to support the game. If you don't wish to spend money then yeah you are out of luck. EDIT: You have the potential to buy it off someone who doesn't desire it with a fantastic number of free money. I mean, these two gamepads do not have L2, R2, L3, R3 and Select buttons (and the Dreamcast is missing a right analog stick altogether), but... it only feels right?

    What a nice way to savor PSO times, and you can not go wrong with a Dreamcast Keyboard and Mouse probably lol. I didn't try but I would strongly doubt it, gameguard is famously trashy, I believe steam's overlay only works on Steam because it had to be whitelisted over there. Actually it doesn't let the big picture mode one you need to configure the control in sport so you have to make all changes when not enjoying it is sort of a hassle. You have to turn "use the big image overlay when using a steam input controller from the desktop" from the steam settings, in the interface section. You also should run steam as administrator, because pso2 runs in admin mode.

    Yeah, I already use the first choice, this is the only game I've ever seen do so. It is 99% likely due to GameGuard's trashy cheat security, I'm honestly hoping they ditch that monstrosity in NGS. I was a bit shocked to see it tbh, I haven't seen any other sport running that thing likely since circa 2010 I want say. And of course things regarding games should never be operating as admin, this has been shared PC programming practice since the Windows Vista era, we are way past this stage and should not even have to talk about it. Frankly I'm surprsied MS let the game launch in their shop with that prompt in it because they're partnered at the US ya understand?

    Thank you for the ideas, in any case I am not starting Steam with admin style however nothing using a web browser built in if ever do so it is a huge security hole unfortunately. Tbh I noticed that the PSO patcher actually uses embedded internet explorer to fill in it's bottom half, mostly because of a script error that has been happening on launching of the Steam assemble every time, that's really also a security issue particularly since IE never has upgrades anymore.

    Though I'm happy I could get any overlay on now since it's on Steam formally, that way I can actually use the control, wasn't really quite doable about the MS Store version. Talking of admin however , it constantly asks for this before beginning the game, did about the MS Store version too, they really need to buy PSO2 Meseta fix that, I believe that is another GameGuard left too unfortunately.