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    • Last updated October 20, 2022
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The Soccer Jerseys of 32 Teams Sponsored by Famous Brands of the 2022 Qatar World Cup

BLOG_POSTED_BY Peter Alan     October 20, 2022    

1. PUMA (Italy, Czech Republic, Switzerland, Paraguay, Poland, Iran, Saudi Arabia, Angola, C ô te d'Ivoire, Ghana, Togo, Tunisia)
This year, the largest number of national team jersey sponsors has sponsored 12. The last three African Cup winners were all sponsored by Puma. The first two were Cameroon and Tunisia. In the 2006 African Cup, Puma won two final teams, Egypt and Ivory Coast. In fact, the five African teams Angola, Ivory Coast, Ghana, Togo and Tunisia that will participate in this World Cup are all wearing Pumas. In addition to five African teams, the other six World Cup teams, Italy, the Czech Republic, Switzerland, Paraguay, Poland, Iran and Saudi Arabia, are also signed by Puma. The jersey of the Italian team was provided by Kappa in the World Cup in Korea and Japan. This time, it has been replaced by Puma. Although there is only one seed team from Italy, there are 12 endorsement teams among the 32 participating teams, which has made Puma the sports brand that sponsors the most teams in the World Cup in Germany.
2. NIKE (Brazil, Netherlands, Portugal, Croatia, Mexico, Australia, Korea, USA)
The ambitious Nike has set up an advertising budget of $1.8 billion for this year's World Cup, which is much higher than that of Adidas ($1 billion) and Puma ($220 million), his two major competitors, and also higher than that of the previous World Cup of $1.4 billion. Nike hopes to surpass Adidas in the World Cup and become the number one football product market in the world. At the finals of the World Cup in Germany this summer, Nike launched the new team uniforms of the eight teams that will participate in the World Cup sponsored by Nike. Compared with four years ago, Nike's total number of signed teams in this World Cup has not changed, except that the teams accompanying Brazil, Portugal, Croatia, South Korea and the United States have changed from Nigeria, Russia and Belgium in the last Korea Japan Cup to the Netherlands, Mexico and Australia in this World Cup.
3. ADIDAS (Germany, Argentina, France, Spain, Japan, Trinidad and Tobago)
As the traditional official sponsor of FIFA and the World Cup, Adidas has "only" six endorsement teams in this summer's World Cup, although most of them are seed teams: the hosts Germany, France, Spain and Argentina, and the other two are Japan and Trinidad and Tobago, which participated in the tournament for the first time. While maintaining the traditional cooperation with official organizations, Adidas is also paying more attention to the endorsement of football stars. Now, Beckham and Defoe of England, Ballack of Germany, Zidane, Vieira and Cisse of France, Kaka of Brazil, Raul of Spain and Saviola of Argentina have all been recruited by Adidas. Following Kaka, Adidas signed Messi, who played in the last World Youth Championship, at the beginning of this year
4. UMBRO (England, Sweden)
Umbro is the first sportswear company to determine the World Cup uniforms. It features the "cross" graphics on the flags of England and Sweden on the shoulders of the uniforms. The crossed "cross" looks like a split wound, which is very gunshot. In addition to England and Sweden, umbro also sponsors Norway, Ireland and other national teams. Unfortunately, they have not entered the World Cup finals
5. Lotto (Serbia and Montenegro, Ukraine)
Lotto is a famous sportswear company in Italy. This year, its popularity has surpassed that of large companies like KAPPA. Its distinctive trademark is far from forgotten.

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