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Regeneration Warriors of Online Games

BLOG_POSTED_BY Latoya Noga     Sep 13    
On the other hand, with the abnormal agility of Qingfeng Fuyun, the Holy Demon King can easily judge his attack route and mode, and dissolve most of his strength with the smallest range of action, which is the height I can't reach at present. In fact, now the Holy Demon King can kill Qingfeng Fuyun casually, but he did not, obviously, he is still absorbing human wisdom and experience, especially in the face of Qingfeng Fuyun such a fighting master. Then the system prompted me that it was time for the game. Entering the arena, this is the twelfth round. If I win this game, I will directly enter the top one thousand in the world ranking. If I lose, I will fight for this honor through the round Robin with the loser. This time, the opponent is an old friend he met when he was doing the task of building the city, a knight from Greece at the level of 95. Orris is still so handsome, as handsome as David's sculpture, elegant speech and behavior, and prominent family background, so that he has many female admirers, coupled with his own strength, it is said that many people outside the gambling market bet on him, betting that he can enter the top 100 or even the top 10, and some crazy female fans even bet on him to win the championship. In fact, if I had to bet, I would bet on Euris to be in the top ten,Inflatable indoor park, because judging from the last mission to build a city, among the top young masters in the infinite world, only he and the Prince of Real Madrid can be said to have some real fighting skills. On the other hand, from the point of view of the whole competition, some popular idols and world celebrities always have surprisingly good luck in drawing lots. Their opponents are either relatively low or restrained by them, and even quite a number of their opponents abstain. In my opinion, this is not an accident, but an arrangement made by the game company's command of Hailan in order to increase ratings. If we take into account some of the insider operations of the major groups, the promotion of Euris has double insurance. In fact,Inflatable mechanical bull, I sometimes suspect that I am also half an "idol" player given a little care by the game company. However, even if I suspected these inside stories, I never went to the casino to bet on the game, nor did I bet outside through friends. Because now the players, the level is really too close, in addition to a few games, no one can talk about an absolute advantage. As for my own game, I'm never sure I can win. If I had known I could fight to this point and bet all the way down, with my high odds, I'm afraid my fortune would have doubled hundreds of times. However, in this match with Euris, even if my strength has improved so much now, if I want to bet, I'm afraid I'll bet myself to lose. This time I wore a giant wolf suit, did not summon pets, ran a distance, and began to gather gas. Euris frowned and gracefully summoned a "shield bear", a high-level monster, Inflatable water park factory ,Inflatable 5k obstacle, but not a BOSS, which should be a temporary pet captured by his men. I cancelled the gathering and began to walk around the field, looking for a gap. Euris is not in a hurry, and then call out his unicorn to guard the rear, this is a seventh-order BOSS, with high magic defense, will purify the spell and blind the opponent's spell. Compared with the enthusiasm of the audience, we are all very careful now, which makes me admire the patience of Euris. There is no doubt that Euris's pet and attack power are much better than mine, but before I show all my strength, he can still be calm and defensive, in this respect, just above the other big group sons. There are no longer virtual spectators around the venue, but tens of thousands of players in the game, who buy tickets to see the scene, or should be called "them", because 90% of the audience are girls and ladies who come to support Oris. Pieces of screams forced me to close most of my hearing with bared teeth, but I still heard the voice of Euris smiling: "Brother Yu Tian, you have a giant wolf suit on your body. My men also have such a suit. Its attributes are good. Charge, pounce, wild wolf assault. Well, it's better than the equipment you used in the previous games. Come on, let me see it." Awesome, easy to call out the attributes of my new equipment, hit my morale, let me have a situation all under his control of the pressure. I continued to walk in silence, waiting, waiting for Euris to show his trump card first. The screams of tens of thousands of female spectators finally made Euris lose patience, of course, because he knew that his strength was far superior to mine, so Euris finally called out the "Apollo Golden Carriage". In fact, the most luxurious carriage in the game, which is also part of the Helios suit, is also growable, and now it has changed from two flying horses when I first saw it to four "dragon horses". Around the carriage, there are four short pillars, carved with four idols. From the previous battle, we know that these four idols and the four suns painted on the four walls of the carriage can emit light and fire magic, and their power is not weak. Although the carriage was luxurious, the important thing was the people in the carriage. Euris had already put on four pieces of the Sun God suit by this time. Only a pair of rings and a pair of boots were needed. He could finish the high God suit. The god-level knight's gun in Euris's hand was also on the car, and now in his hand, it was the Sun God's bow, with three golden arrows, staring at me, his expression gradually serious, and the bow began to pull slowly. This bow-drawing scene has attracted countless snapshots in the audience, or tomorrow, the major media will appear "the most handsome style of PK contest" pictures and texts, unfortunately, facing this POSE, I do not feel so good. Strong pressure, let me have a kind of whole body hot and dry, the feeling of mental confusion, can not help but step back a few steps, the wolf suit hidden in the wolf's soul also seems to be afraid of the glory of the sun God,Inflatable meltdown, restless hissing. < a href = > Qidian Chinese Network welcomes friends to visit and read, the latest, fastest and most popular serial works are all in Qidian Original! Chapter 33 Sun God Bow Updated 2006-12-23 12:58:00 Words: 3117.