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    • Last updated September 13, 2022
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Big entertainer

BLOG_POSTED_BY Latoya Noga     September 13, 2022    
"Don't be ridiculous!"! Ya ~! I'm not done with you! Ha ha where will believe, immediately bared his teeth and claws toward Li Jingyuan rushed past, of course, his action is completely no threat to Li Jingyuan. Hey, brother, you can wait for another five minutes. I can't help it. You were too anxious just now. With a bad smile on his face and a pat on his shoulder, Li Jingyuan now looks like a rat who has stolen oil. In contrast, Haha is a frustrated look, two people in a lens, the effect looks very funny. I will get my revenge! Ah "Hey hey, I go first ~ ~!"! Brother, I'm sorry. Ignoring the roar of Haha, Li Jingyuan left humming a ditty, and his proud appearance made Haha depressed for a while, and after the scene was broadcast. It also made a lot of audience laugh. In fact, Li Jingyuan's practice is somewhat irregular. It's not that it doesn't conform to the rules of the game, but that it doesn't conform to the rules of the variety show. Everyone is here for the show, and they all want to be on camera. In runningman. If you want to be on camera, the premise is to ensure that you can move. Generally speaking, everyone will be considerate of each other, not as long as they meet, they will start to tear up the nameplate without saying a word, but depending on the situation,Granite Slab Supplier, negotiation, confrontation, or attack. Only in this way can everyone get some opportunities to make interesting scenes. But Li Jingyuan deals with ha ha this move, very obviously has broken the rule. Haha, the name tag was torn off again. Which means he won't be around for the next five minutes. Plus the first five minutes, Haha has been unable to move for ten minutes, almost can be said to have not participated in the task, then the program will certainly not get much weight when it is broadcast. In fact,Calacatta Quartz Slab, Li Jingyuan also considered this point, but he still did so. Because in his opinion, Haha's interaction with himself during the'shutdown 'was very funny, and the process of being eliminated was also very interesting, and later he could make a follow-up revenge scenario based on this situation. Generally speaking, this scene is still very valuable, and the program group will certainly not give up when it is broadcast. Now that he has created enough weight for Haha, of course, there is no need for Li Jingyuan to stay. After all, the red team has one less person than the blue team, and now they can't move, which just levels the gap? Things have been done, and there is no need to think too much about it. Li Jingyuan simply let go of his mind and threw himself into the game again. In the last five minutes, the progress of both teams has advanced a little. Hyoyeon scooped up the first prompt and immediately joined up with three people in another group. By this time, he had found the next card according to the prompt and completed the second step of the task. And the blue team is not bad, they also completed the first step. Then, Porcelain Marble Slabs ,Silver Travertine Slabs, following the trail of the red team, we came to the second hint place, and we were about to get the card. When Li Jingyuan joined the team, the blue team also completed the second step and caught up with the progress. The two teams are now on the same level. Who can finish all the tasks of the four steps first. That depends on the luck that follows. In the following process, the members of the two teams met several more times, and there were two minor conflicts. After the previous small battle, Gary, Lee Kwang-soo, Ji Suk-jin, and Yoon-ah had their name tags torn off. In the latter conflict, the unlucky people were replaced by Hyoyeon, Yoo Jae-seok, and Haha, who regained their mobility again. As a result, in the fourth step, there were only two members left in both teams. The red team is Li Jingyuan and Song Zhixiao, while the blue team is Jin Zhongguo and Li Xiaoli. It's a match between a man and a woman, and neither side dares to act rashly. Because if you are not careful, it will become a two-to-one situation, which means that there will be a great chance of total annihilation. Although the activity can continue after five minutes, but now the task has reached the final link, no one can guarantee that the opponent will not be able to complete the task in these five minutes. Both teams had the same idea, so there was such a confrontation. Instead of fighting, they were wary of each other and separated. "There ~!" According to the task card, Song Zhixiao and Li Jingyuan came to the roof garden, only to turn a corner, Li Jingyuan saw the 'runingball' hanging on the arch. There it is! Hurry up Almost at the same time, Li Xiaoli's voice came from another stairway entrance, although it was a little far away, but after all, it was a quiet night, so Li Jingyuan and Song Zhixiao heard it. 'Can't Let the other side first ', with this idea, Li Jingyuan and Song Zhixiao two people immediately began to sprint, and two seconds later, Li Xiaoli and Jin Zhongguo two people also ran from the other end. When the two sides met again, the 'runningball' was hanging in the middle of the two teams. Needless to say, everyone sped up again and wanted to run over and grab it first. The distance of Li Jingyuan's side is still a little more than ten meters. Do not underestimate this gap, if Li Jingyuan is closer to them, then he can certainly arrive first. Li Jingyuan doesn't even have to stop. He can take off the 'runningball' as long as he runs up and takes off. But now he can't. Playing the snipe, the mirror is right below the unningball. If Li Jingyuan jumps again, he will bump into it, and maybe someone will be injured. Can not run up to take off, take off in situ and can not reach, but under, can only take the method of building a ladder. Do'horse 'nature is Li Jingyuan and Jin Zhongguo, Song Zhixiao and Li Xiaoli two people are sitting on their shoulders. There is only one ball, but there are two teams. Obviously, even if they are in a good position, it is not so simple to get the 'running ball'. They must first deal with the interference of their opponents. (To be continued). If you like this work,Artificial Marble Slabs, you are welcome to come to the starting point (s H u H a I G e.) To vote for recommendation, monthly ticket, your support is my greatest motivation. 。