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Different Ways (1)

BLOG_POSTED_BY David Byers     September 13, 2022    
"No money, so it almost killed our two excellent Nakanobu, didn't it?" Kakashi's tone was so strong that the glasses brother shivered. But the explanation still has to be explained. Brother Glasses pushed his eyes and said, "I didn't expect this. I don't understand why they robbed me." "What is your occupation?" Kakashi touched his chin and thought. I'm a weapon designer. Brother Glasses smiled shyly. "After all, if you don't have force, you have to have intelligence. Otherwise, you will become a useless person." "It seems that Fog Ren is very interested in the weapons you designed." Kakashi looked at the document in Brother Glasses' arms. "This is probably the case," the glasses brother smiled helplessly, "I rely on this to survive, did not think almost rely on it to die. "Then I don't think they'll stop there." Kakashi frowned and listened attentively to the movement in the woods. The other people who came to support him, including Hongdou, were about to ask something when Kakashi stretched out his index finger and made a silent gesture. He collected himself and said, "Protect the wounded. Ma Yi and Hongdou protect the client.". Everyone else, let's go. The voice just fell, several fog endure to appear. It seems that they have also brought reinforcements. Beware of the silver-haired Ninja Flag Mukakashi, and remember that our mission is to pick up Shinsuke Abe. Fog's head gave the order. Shinsuke Abe? Red Bean was stunned, and then asked Kakashi in a panic during the fight, "Hey, Kakashi, that poor glasses is Shinsuke Abe." "Ah, I hear you,smartboards for business, a designer famous in the world of assassination who has made many kinds of weapons." Kakashi thought, sure enough, you can't judge a person by his appearance. Abe just continued to push his glasses, thinking weakly: Even if I say I am not Abe at this time, will I be beaten up? Forget it, then hide from them the fact that Abe is dead and I am his apprentice. The number of Fog Endurance is only increasing, and Kakashi has to fight in the state of protecting people, which is unfair. Kakashi frequently takes care of Mai,75 inch smart board, which makes Mai realize that he is a burden while being moved, so he said fiercely: "Kakashi senior please leave me alone.". I can protect my client and myself. Kakashi smiled back at her. "Of course I know.". You must be careful. I know this naturally, after all, you are also very good in tolerance, but Mai, want to protect you and your companions this subconscious is not what I can control. Kakashi said silently in his heart that he would never let. Companion injured. Who would have thought that the number of enemies is increasing, Kakashi would like to launch A-level Ninjutsu, but here is a small place, many companions, simply can not be used. All kinds of restrictions give Kakashi a headache, thinking that if he goes on like this, he will suffer a lot and can only lead them to other places. In the process of this distraction, a few fog endure to take advantage of the loopholes to slip behind Kakashi, Kakashi realized when the heart suddenly sank-bad! Hongdou repelled three Wuren, while the fourth rushed to Mai. Mai naturally chose to protect the client, interactive boards for classrooms ,classroom interactive whiteboard, pushed the glasses brother away, took a deep breath, and raised the weapon to prepare for the next blow. Everyone felt a strange wind, accompanied by a low sound that seemed to come from another dimension. A long knife flew over and pierced the throat of the fog that threatened Ma Yi, and nailed him to a tree, spraying blood brilliantly. The crowd was startled and stopped their movements. Kakashi turned around and saw the knife, Red. Chapter13 "That's my brother's knife." Mai looked at the knife nailed to the tree, not knowing if it was because of the blood, she could clearly see that the knife was emitting red light, and the wind was mixed with bursts of whine. Kakashi thought to himself, It looks like that guy is nearby. Brother Glasses was so frightened that he squatted on the ground, holding his eyes and looking at the sword. "My God, isn't that the demon sword that Shifu said before he died?"? It's amazing that I met it. Konoha's ninjas also look at each other. It is rumored that this knife appeared on the border of Konoha, and a "samurai" who did not know Ninjutsu used it to deal with ninjas. The fog endures just does not care about those, returns to the spirit to start to attack again, is endless is like a group of flies. As soon as Kakashi frowned, it seemed that there was nothing he could do. He raised his hand to touch his forehead. Just as he was about to raise his hand to reveal his eyes, he heard Kakashi's tuneless voice: "Aler, I said Kakashi, if I hadn't thrown the red out with one hand, would Mai have been hurt?" Mai excitedly searched for the source of the sound, but with excitement and doubt, he watched his brother come slowly from a short distance, studying why he was here. Kakashi, on the other hand, complained unhurriedly: "Are you sure you threw the knife with one hand?"? It feels really accurate. "Don't worry about the details." Tangerine knew he was in the wrong, so he smoothed things over for himself. He went to the tree, pulled out the red, and comforted him in a low voice, "Sorry, I made you dirty. Don't worry, I'll clean it up when I go back." It felt like I was talking to an old friend. So? It's uncomfortable to be idle at home, so come out and find someone to practice? Kakashi didn't understand why he couldn't find the tension at the moment. Ahaha, I'm just passing by. "Kakashi waved red lightly, shook off most of his blood, stood behind Kakashi, and said steadily." Believe me, don't worry about your back, and deal with the enemy in front of you. Don't waste time. They're obviously trying to limit your movements. And don't use that eye of yours. It seems that you also know the side effects after I use the writing wheel eye, orange Kakashi. Kakashi sighed and replied, "Of course I understand. Then I'll leave you alone." Tangerine is not a ninja, but after the fight, Kakashi can also find out that he is not an ordinary person. However, this trust does not come entirely from the affirmation of his ability, but more from treating him as one of his own. Kakashi needs someone of his own, someone who trusts each other. Mai and Xiao yuan obediently took the client to a safe place to hide, and Red Bean covered them. Although the main compatriots do not know whether the rumor is true or not,smart interactive whiteboard, but at the moment to see the flag wood Kakashi and come very familiar with the appearance, also have no worries, inspired the morale of the fog to repel.