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Marriage in the underworld is unpredictable

BLOG_POSTED_BY David Byers     September 13, 2022    
Finally everyone took back the magic power, Shangguan Yan also summoned the naked woman back to the blood goose, but just came back, Shangguan Yan suddenly bent over and spat a mouthful of blood, and then he could not stand and fell back, and then Yichen naturally hugged her in the past and healed her in person. I stood by watching every move of Yichen, my heart only felt sour, I lowered my eyes, and finally tried to squeeze out a smile, walked over to Ling Xuan and said, "Ling Xuan, are you all right?" In fact, my implication is to say to Yichen, when Ling Xuan is dead? Do you need to be so gallant? People Ling Xuan is not so active at present, people so like to hook up with girls have not taken the initiative to say a word to Shangguan Yan! Ling Xuan actually cooperated with me to smile, "there are small Shen Ling and small dessert in the side watching, I dare not do anything, otherwise in your mind the image can be destroyed ah!" I looked down at the side of Shangguan Yan twisted a face, looking at the serious appearance of Yichen, the heart straight fire, is it really like dessert said, Shangguan Yan seduce Yichen? Before let the color butterfly send a message twice, Yi Chen refused to come to save the moon,Edible oil filling machine, is it by Shangguan Yan this woman to trip? When Shangguan Yan was almost recovered, she saluted Yichen and said with a shy face, "Thank you, Lord God!" I don't want to endure it. I went over and looked at Shangguan Yan and smiled at her. "Thanks to you today, but later, there is still a place where the white rainbow needs to be dealt with. It's really hard for you. How is your body?" Shangguan wild goose is also very polite to me, "thank you for your concern, but the blood goose is powerful,CSD filling line, after all, is the blood spirit of thousands of ghosts, the harm to people will be great, but just God Lord for my healing, now I recovered some, can go to the next place to subdue the white rainbow, just need God Lord to accompany me all the time, heal me." I wonder if the Goddess can allow it? I grabbed Shangguan Yan's hand and patted her on the back of her hand. "What are you talking about? We have a request for you. We naturally agree to your request.". The journey is not far, go there later, I personally hold you, Yichen follow behind, need to heal, call him in time! Shangguan Yan narrowed his eyes and said, "Good!" I sneer in the heart, you want to harm me and my baby's life, I will not let go easily. Chapter 88 anti-wolf mobile phone electric shock stick (fourth watch). I smiled softly at Shangguan Yan. I glanced at Yichen. He just looked away. His face was expressionless. He knew me very well. She nodded to me. As for Ling Xuan, PET blowing machine ,water filling machine, smart as he is, naturally can also understand the war between women, he is a look at the expression of a good show. Since no one said anything, I was ready to take Shangguan Yan on the road. To put it nicely, it was very good for me to hold her hand. The baby was extremely disgusted with me and frowned at me all the time. Seeing that I refused to talk to him, he frowned angrily, closed his eyes and pouted his mouth. Act like you're not going to talk to me. I let Ling Xuan and dessert Yichen three people walk in front, lead the way for us, oneself and "injured" Shangguan Yan walk in the back. Along the way, Guan Yan showed a very clever and clever look, and Yichen never looked back at us. Finally, Shangguan Yan could not hold back, Shangguan Yan looked at me sideways and smiled at me, "I'm afraid it's not my intention to be in the bar!" I chuckled. "What do you think I want?"? I can't kill you if everyone is here! Oh yes, you see, since the white rainbow appeared here, there are many ghosts appearing in the street every night. Yaner, I am a mortal, and I don't know magic. You must remember to protect me. I believe that since Yichen can walk ahead boldly without looking back. He probably felt relieved to give me to you. I deliberately said to amplify the voice a little, in front of the dust heard this sentence, the neck stiffened a little, and quickly returned to normal, walking in front. Shangguan Yan smiled and kept her voice very low. She said in my ear, "Goddess, don't you want to know why you used the butterfly to send a message to Goddess twice, but he refused to come and help you?"? Don't you want to know who he was with these two days and what happened? Shang Huan's medical plan. With a sneer, I tightened my grip on Shangguan Yan's wrist. Maybe you died in ancient times hundreds of thousands of years ago and stayed in ancient times as a ghost, never reincarnated, so you don't know all kinds of high-end technology in modern China, so as a modern person. I know that once the ancients said such a thing, it was because they did not succeed that they wanted to fabricate lies to deceive me and see how stupid I was after falling into the trap, didn't they? As soon as I said this, Shangguan Yan immediately blushed. She gave me an angry look and asked me angrily, "If it weren't for high-end technology, you'd just be a fool!" She grabbed my hands and said, "Show me that high-end technology!" This woman really killed me. It didn't hurt me to pinch my wrist. But the pain was terrible, but fortunately she still fell into my trap, I immediately begged for mercy, "Hey, Yaner, you gently, I will show you." Then she released me. I lowered my head and took out mine from my bag. I turned my camera to take a selfie. Then I held it in front of me. My face and that of Shangguan Yan immediately came into the picture. I pressed the shutter and took a picture immediately. I found out the picture and helped Shangguan Yan beautify her face. Then I handed it to her. "You see, with this, you can become more beautiful." Better than looking in the mirror, isn't it? If anyone wants to see it in the future, you can give it to him, and that person must like it very much. Shangguan Yan looked at the people above, touched his face again, and said happily, "It's really a treasure,water bottle packaging machine, in your words, it's very high-end!"! But why is my appearance on it? "This is called photography. Photography is to record a beautiful moment. Let me teach you!" As I explained to her, I taught her how to operate the camera.