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These aren't your usual WOTLK Classic factions

BLOG_POSTED_BY wang yue     Sep 12    
These aren't your usual WOTLK Classic factions, though, as each side has, in WOW WOTLK Classic Gold addition to the expected infantry and tank units, advanced units, such as surface-to-air missile launchers, jet fighters, and exoskeletons, the aforementioned power armor. We played team games, with up to two or three players on a team, which let us mix up the different factions and see many of the unique units in action on the screen.

The game mechanics in War Front are virtually identical to a traditional real-time strategy game. You start off with a single command c and a build unit, and you must work your way up from there. The build tree requires you to put down lots of different buildings in order to create a well-rounded base. In addition to the command c, there are supply depots, electrical generators, barracks, tank factories, radar installations, research labs, bunkers, and more.

The key resources in the game are supplies, which are gathered by trucks that deliver them to the supply depot. Supplies are used to purchase units, buy upgrades, and construct buildings. The other key resource is power, provided by the generators.

Once you have the basic infrastructure for unit production down, you can begin to churn out units. At first, you'll be restricted to basic units, such as regular infantry and light Warcraft, and while these aren't quite world-beaters, they're useful for defending against early rushes and for scouting the map. In order to build heavier units, you not only have to build the appropriate structures, but you also have to increase your "tech level," sort of like going up an age in Age of Empires. There are three tech levels in each match, and the third unlocks the really powerful toys.

As you'd expect, your main job once the base is complete is to churn out as many powerful units as possible and use them to crush enemy assaults, and then hunt down and destroy the enemy base. Balance is usually important, as you want to bring a combined force with you to take care of all eventualities. Warcraft kill other Warcraft, mobile antiaircraft guns take out bombers before they can drop a devastating load of bombs, and artillery makes short work of fixed defenses. Speaking of which, the game does feature a first-person mode that lets you jump into cheap WOTLK Gold the gunner's seat in many vehicles and gun emplacements, though true real-time strategy gamers will eschew this to stay focused on the bigger picture.