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How Software Helped A Contract Management Executive Get Out Of Trouble?

BLOG_POSTED_BY Contract pedia     Sep 6    

Austin had recently joined a new company as a contract management executive. He landed the job after years of struggle. He was trained for the job properly and was a deserving candidate among all the applicants. However, years of gap between education and job halted his confidence. But he knew well how to use a digital contract management system (kontraktstyringsystem). He faced a few problems, but the contract management software helped him solve them.

Expiration Date:

His nervousness surrounded him during his first few weeks. He never forgot things, but that emotional instability made him forget even the easiest things. At the beginning of the week, the team discusses expiring contracts and allocated work related to those contracts. But Austin could not remember the expiration dates of the few contracts. So, whenever he felt underconfident or confused about the expiration date of particular contracts, he went to the contract management software dashboard. He checked the expiration dates of the contract often to stay updated. It helped him a lot with his job. The software was like his personal reminder. So, whenever he needed to know about this, he always relied on this software.

Contract Renewal:

In the same meeting at the beginning of the week, the managers and seniors discussed contacts to be renewed. Fortunately, Austin did not have to renew any contracts. But a senior asked him to review a contract. Austin had no idea how to make review notes. So, he again used a feature of digital contract management (digital kontraktstyring) software. In this software, he got access to an overview of that contract. With this brief, he understood the contract and made helpful review notes. Once again, this software was there for Austin's rescue. Otherwise, he would have disappointed his senior.

Software Licenses:

Austin's company has renewed, terminated, and created new software contracts. The dates of the end of the contract, renewal of contract, and termination of the contract were already defined. Austin had to spend hours managing contracts (styring kontrakter). But with the help of contract management software, he handled everything smoothly. Austin did not hesitate even a bit. But if he made a mistake, it would have impacted the company's operations. He used the software to renew and learn about the new contract. And for the termination of the contract, he got reminders, so he didn't make mistakes.

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