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9 Fascinating Museums And Galleries In Amsterdam You Need To Visit

BLOG_POSTED_BY Mark Spector     Sep 5    

Amsterdam is one of the most vibrant and cosmopolitan cities in Europe. And while it’s a great destination for reasons other than museums, nothing can beat this city if you’re looking for culture. This post will introduce you to some of the best museums and galleries in Amsterdam that are more than worth your time.

With this blog, you will be able to see some of the most legendary arts and drawings which will give you experience of a lifetime. In this blog, we will tell you top 9 fascinating meseums. You can also post comments below this post if you want to give any suggestions.

This blog post will also tell you about their opening hours, address, prices, and what they have to offer visitors!

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9 Fascinating Museums And Galleries In Amsterdam You Need To Visit:

1. Delta Arts – The Netherlands’ First Museum Of Water Supply And Sewerage

Delta Arts are located at “De Pijp”, a new district in Amsterdam’s city centre that has been created over the last decade as an urban development on top of a former industrial area (called “De Pijp”). This location is loved by locals and tourists alike. It has become one of the most important commercial centres in this city.

Delta Arts is a different museum because it’s not an art exhibition. It’s more of a historical monument that lets you learn how water supply was developed in the 1800s Amsterdam and how sewers were used to protect inhabitants from infectious diseases.

Hours: Mo-Su – 10 A.M. until 6 P.M., Thursday – 10 A.M. until 8 P.M. (Ticket Counter Closes at 7 P.M.)

Address: ‘s-Gravelandseweg 1, Amsterdam, Netherlands

2. The Westerkerk Church, Museum Of The Dutch Reformed Church

The Westerkerk (the church’s full name) was built in the early sixteenth century and is surrounded by a 50-metre high wall. The beautiful and historic building has been declared a protected monument, which means that any change regarding it is strictly prohibited.

In the past, alterations included changing the windows and destroying interior parts. Still, nowadays, you can enter the church without disturbing its beauty. This is its new purpose because nowadays, the Westerkerk serves as a kind of museum that exhibits old church objects.

3. Amsterdam Museum

You’ll find this museum at the heart of Amsterdam’s city centre, next to the famous Stopera building, and close to plenty of other landmarks and points of interest. Its opening hours are from 10 A.M. until 5 P.M., except for Monday when hours are extended until 8 P.M., and Thursday when the museum remains open until 9 P.M.

The museum houses three sections: the permanent exhibition, temporary exhibitions, and a library. The permanent exhibition takes visitors through five centuries of Amsterdam, showing how this city evolved from a small port town into one of the world’s most important trade centres.

4. Rijksmuseum Amsterdam

This art museum is located right off Leidseplein Square, but not in it as you might expect. The museum was founded in 1800 and held various exhibitions that provide visitors with a unique experience. The Rijksmuseum has often been referred to as the Louvre of Amsterdam, and for a good reason. It first opened in 1885, and its art collection has grown to more than 2.300 pieces. Today, it’s one of the most visited museums in the Netherlands. More than five million visitors take the Rijksmuseum Tour yearly. Some of the most exciting exhibitions to visit are: “The Deluge” (it’s dedicated to a specific post-war period), “The Sea”, “Rembrandt”, and “The Golden Age”.

5. Museum Het Prinsenhof

This museum is dedicated to the Dutch Royal Family, including their private collections and artwork. The collections include everything from paintings to furniture, and the building itself is the perfect example of how a prominent family used to live in the Netherlands during the 17th century.

One of the most important items on display is an equestrian statue of William of Orange. He played a crucial role in Netherlands’ history. William was a “stadholder” (a person who had supreme control over a country). He started a period in which there was no official ruler. This allowed the Netherlands to begin a long period of prosperity and progress.

6. The Van Gogh Museum Amsterdam

Since it was created in 1973, this museum has been visited by more than 6 million people. It’s now considered the most extensive collection of Van Gogh’s works and documents about this artist anywhere in the world.

Suppose you plan a trip to Van Gogh; make sure to book your Van Gogh Museum Tickets in advance, and here is a route guide to visit the museum. The museum is located in Amsterdam’s Southern part. In that case, you can reach it by following Ferdinand Bolstraat to its end. This street is near Van Gogh Square, which offers plenty of places to eat or drink.

7. The Anne Frank House Amsterdam

This museum is a must-see for anyone visiting Amsterdam interested in learning about Holland’s history or the World Wars (both I and II). The museum belongs to a place where the famous Anne Frank and her family used to hide from German Nazis. Her diary, available in English, has been read by more than 30 million people worldwide.

8. The Van Nelle Factory Museum

This museum opened in 2014, but it’s already considered one of the most popular attractions in Amsterdam. Its wide range of activities appeals to all visitors: kids and adults, intellectuals and not-so-intellectual ones, etc.

The Van Nelle Factory Museum has these six halls: “Belle,” “Gloria,” “Molly,” “Adeline,” “Daphne”, and “Donna.” They each showcase a specific topic related to the history of the Netherlands. The most exciting items on display are the old machines, which used to work at this factory in the early 1900s.

9. National Museum Of Military History

This museum is located a bit out of the centre of Amsterdam, in the “East Amsterdam” area. It’s only a two-minute drive from Central Station. Admission is free (but you have to book in advance), and it’s open from 9 A.M. until 5 P.M. You’ll be able to visit three exciting rooms: “Battle,” “Warriors,” and “Over The Top.”

I hope that we have delivered you the best information about top mesuems of arts and culture in Amsterdam. We will keep updating you about more places time to time. If you are a travel lover then we will be updating blogs time to time to provide you best information about your journey. We also place information about hotels and travelling package to help you find the best things to stay. You will also find some of the most luxurious and delicious things in Armsterdam. Make sure you don’t miss anything great.

Did you get the best choice in picking out Amsterdam’s most beautiful museums? If not, write us a comment below and tell us which museum you visited and why you recommend it. We’ll remember it! Thank you so much for reading this blog. We hope that you liked it. Cheers!

If you have anything to say or suggest, you can comment below this post. We will definitely take it into consideration.