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    • Last updated August 13, 2022
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Talking on forums and enjoying RuneScape

BLOG_POSTED_BY xiuyun hao     August 13, 2022    
Some of us who were avid gamers in the 2000s would probably be struggling with the very first version which is now referred to as RuneScape Classic. It was possible to attack anyone, even each other. The graphics were not basic. It was able to accommodate about 1,200 players at a time without the game crashing OSRS gold.

The games can't be a mess now. Titanfall 2 isn't getting the funding it needs to improve its online gameplay on the PC. Anthem was dropped midway through the development of the massive overhaul. Fable Legends was pulled before it even had the chance to launch. You either must be Fortnite or go to the grave trying.

The passion of a game developer is very irrelevant to a publisher and vice versa. Dragon Age 4 has been pulled twice due to greater-up interference continually dictating game's direction. Metal Gear players who obviously prefer one-player games, bought the co-op game Metal Gear Survive in 2018. That's not even get into all of the affiliates Activision Blizzard wastes on constant Call of Duty development.

Thank goodness Jagex began its existence at a time that it was able to remain an independent. When the player base started to decrease in the late 2000s, a publisher would likely have pulled the plug on the entire thing. In fact, Raven Software started laying people off, while Warzone generated billions of dollars, so even success can spell disaster for the players behind the game.

The successes we encounter are more like exceptions to the rule sometimes. The stars had to align for Among Us to find its audience long after the game was launched and, perhaps the most notable case before that without the assistance of a major publisher - was Undertale earlier in the year.

This is why RuneScape The First 20 Years isn't just essential reading for those who love this game. It's also essential also for anyone interested in the direction in which gaming development is taking. It's a reminder to us that we must support the indie community which is constantly competing to get noticed in a huge marketplace.

However, most importantly it's an opportunity to be proud of how humble we started. The gaming industry can appear like an utterly abhorrent place often (because it frequently is) however, at the heart of it all, there are developers who are enthusiastic and have experience that they would like to give to us buy OSRS GP.